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Credit Union Executive 2023 Operations Improvement Playbook

A complete three-part guide for addressing the “perfect storm” of adverse market conditions confronting credit unions now—and preparing for a forever-changed, volatile future The credit union industry is reeling amid an onslaught of challenges that include: Constant market shocks Generational turnover with a transient workforce as replacements Ever-increasing core system capability constraints and cost Members …

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Automate ACH exceptions reversals processing at your bank or credit union

Powerful “Top-20” use-case bot blazes through credit-card and ACH exceptions reversals in one pass, saving banks and credit unions 200 to 2,300 hours! We can’t overstate how much time your bank or credit union is spending—monopolizing the time of valued staff members—on ACH-related chores. They are absolutely the most resource-draining activity you face, every single …

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Robotic Process Automation for Processing Banking AML Alerts

Save 1,000 to 6,000 hours/year by using RPA bots to build anti-money-laundering case files The Bank Secrecy Act or BSA mandates procedures, for banks, to be on guard against potential money-laundering activity. These anti-money-laundering or AML provisions, in turn, have led to the development and proliferation of specific AML-detection platforms used by banks every day. …

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Credit Union Robotic Process Automation for Commercial Loan Boarding

Credit Unions: Save 300 to 4,600 hours/year on all of those commercial loans If only the different systems in your credit union talked to one another, there wouldn’t be a need for this article, nor the problem it solves.  But as a credit union professional, you know that’s not the case. Take commercial loans. They …

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