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How To Implement a Lean Supply Chain Transformation in Just Six Months

Our last case study told the story of lean implementation in a bank’s finance and collections functions. This case study focuses on lean in supply-chain management. It zeroes in on order management. Specifically, it targets the transformation of the order-to-cash cycle in the wake of an ERP investment that wasn’t paying off as it should. …

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How to Improve Finance Function Processes with Lean Finance and Accounting Transformation

This client initiative summary and case study on lean finance function business process improvement and transformation concerns a Top 5 U.S. bank, a leader in residential mortgages and small-business lending. They were under pressure to undertake a lean finance and accounting transformation. And they were facing continuing cost increases—higher than what management desired. Despite bank-wide …

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Lean Contact Center Transformation: Reducing Cost Per Call by Improving Efficiency

In this case study, we’re diving into the deep details of a lean six sigma call center project.

The goal was to improve call center efficiency while decreasing cost per call in the bank’s personal, private, and business banking segments. The processes of contact-center reps and support teams—spanning 1,700 employees in five different countries—would all be scrutinized in order to effect this lean call center transformation. That’s where The Lab comes in.

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HR Transformation: How to Improve Human Resources Departments with Lean HR Process Improvement Initiatives

This story zeroes in on one crucial shared-services group that was supporting operations in both North America and Europe. The group in the spotlight here was human resources, or HR operations. The bank was concerned: After consolidating several country-based groups to create this mega-center for HR shared services, the promised economies of scale were simply not materializing.

That’s when the bank’s Global Head of Human Resources reached out to The Lab as our sponsor. He and other senior executives within the bank’s HR operations were looking for some seriously lean improvements, ASAP.

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