Our Expertise

Tailored to Every Major Industry

More than 30 years of improvement implementation expertise—and your industry’s best practices—are built into The Lab’s knowledge base. Our patented Knowledge Work Standardization® approach delivers sustainable capabilities for The Lab’s clients in every industry.


Banks & Credit Unions

Loan Origination. New Account Opening. Back Office Ops.

The Lab has mapped banking processes end to end, standardized the key performance indicators (KPIs), documented the industry best practices, and found the most valuable automation and AI use cases.

Transform your bank or credit union with The Lab’s Knowledge Work Standardization® assets.

  • Process standardization – loan origination, new account opening, deposit ops, risk, and more
  • Retail branch network optimization – staffing, market entry, closures/consolidations
  • Prospecting and sales – existing customer/member cross-sell and marketing automation
  • And more
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Distributors & Manufacturers

Prospect-to-Quote. Order-to-Cash. Procure-to-Pay.

The Lab excels at mapping distribution and manufacturing processes from start to finish. We improve your processes by bringing industry best practices and implementing high-value automation and AI use cases.

Elevate your company’s operations using The Lab’s Knowledge Work Standardization® assets.

  • Process standardization – prospect-to-quote, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay
  • Margin management – pricing standardization and real-time monitoring solutions
  • Inventory management – reorder point definition and automated monitoring, notifications
  • And more
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Professional Services

Project Setup & Management. Proposal Generation. Billing & Collections.

The Lab meticulously maps end-to-end professional services processes, establishes standardized key performance indicators (KPIs), and implements industry best practices. We identify the highest-value automation and AI use cases to solve your strategic objectives.

Leverage The Lab’s Knowledge Work Standardization® assets to transform your company’s operations.

  • Process standardization – proposals, project setup, project management, reporting, client billing
  • Resource utilization – automate manual project administration tasks to improve billable hours
  • Enhanced reporting – standardize KPIs across business lines and projects for better visibility
  • And more
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Quote-to-Bind. Policyholder Services. Claims FNOL and Processing.

The Lab’s team systematically maps, standardizes, and documents your carrier, brokerage, and MGA/MGU processes. We uncover the “Super KPIs” and industry best practices and implement strategic automation and AI.

Rely on The Lab’s Knowledge Work Standardization® assets to innovate your insurance operations.

  • Process standardization – sales, quote-to-bind, claims processing, policyholder services
  • Claims leakage reduction – automation and data science for more consistent claims payments
  • Prospecting and sales – cross-sell existing policyholders and identify more new business
  • And more
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