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The Lab is a business transformation consulting firm that delivers meaningful gains to business leaders in: Revenue Effectiveness, Productivity Gains, and Margin Management. Each engagement includes standardization-based improvement, data-driven process improvement, and deep automation – including AI.

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Standardization Based Business Improvement The Road Less Traveled

Manufacturers standardize, specialize, and ultimately automate the work in their conventional “downstairs factories.” “Industrializing” hourly work is an investment.

Today, white collar knowledge workers represent half of all employees. Yet little or no investment is made to industrialize their work.

As a result, forty percent of their activity is wasted and avoidable.

This opportunity is a tempting target for digital upstarts, activist investors and other outsiders. If you’re typical, you don’t notice.


BELIEF No.1 Only factory work can be "industrialized"

Conventional wisdom assumes that standardizing work in the “upstairs” factories of marketing, finance or order management is impractical or impossible. But downstairs factories once made the same claim.

Work is work. Industrializing the assembly of a car is vastly more challenging than industrializing a marketing campaign. But you don’t think of knowledge work that way.

All work has valuable, repeatable patterns, but few executives recognize knowledge work repetition.


BELIEF No.2 Knowledge work can't be standardized

You let knowledge workers decide how to improve their operations. Their work is perceived as non- routine.

But analyze what knowledge workers do. You discover that two-thirds of their work is repetitive and similar. That’s valuable. Basic shop floor techniques — industrialization — can easily standardize these repetitious activities.

Long ago, craftsmen’s work on the shop floor was seen as “non-routine.” After standardization, productivity increased fifty-fold.

The same untapped wealth hides in plain sight in knowledge work.


BELIEF No.3 White collar waste is "virtuous" & unavoidable

In the plant, waste like scrap material or machine downtime is obvious. Reducing it is inarguably valuable.

Knowledge work waste is less obvious. It is error correction, customer over-service or rework.

Point it out as avoidable waste. Knowledge workers will argue that they are preserving revenue and serving customers.

True. But industrialization eliminates the root causes and avoids these tasks.

If you’re typical, you accept these avoidable tasks as indispensable or even virtuous.


BELIEF No.4 Knowledge work can't use the experience curve

In a plant, knowledge accumulated over decades—the experience curve—is valued and documented. It is built into workflows, tools and work area design.

Employees change, but a factory can consistently produce with variance measured in parts per million.

In an office, the experience curve exists as unwritten “tribal knowledge.” These poorly documented assets are diminished each time a worker leaves.

New hires devise their own personal work methods. They reinvent individual experience curves.


BELIEF No.5 Core-technology will automate knowledge work

When manufacturers automate, they begin by making the products and tasks simple and standard for machines to handle. This industrialization step is called “design for machinability.” It delivers higher productivity with fewer workers.

When knowledge workers automate, they simplify and standardize very little. They don’t industrialize.

They view much of their work as “non-routine,” and non-standard. Consequently, knowledge workers adopt core-technology but retain flexibility, inconsistency and workarounds.


The Lab Recover Your Earnings with Standardization

The Lab is a management consulting firm focused exclusively on business process standardization. The Lab developed the world’s largest database of standardization templates. Our template-based advantage delivers 3-5 times more standardization than any other method.

Each of The Lab’s engagements is self-funding and includes a money-back guarantee. Our projects pay for themselves in 6-8 months and deliver 2-4x payback in the first year.

For over two decades, The Lab has successfully implemented standardization initiatives with Fortune 500 clients that deliver consistent, sustainable benefits.

We help executives solve valuable business problems.

Start with as much scope – or as little – as you like. We deliver transformation with clients in mind.

Understand the costs and benefits before you begin. View samples of finished work product on day one. It’s all part of our unique “prefabricated” approach that capitalizes on the fact that most businesses are similar – no need to reinvent the wheel.

Find out about KWS® in the videos below

The Knowledge Work Standardization
opportunity and why your business
operations processes require it

Standardization can create numerous competitive benefits to businesses - from the efficiencies gained in the manufacturing production line, to the massive, untapped productivity gains available to knowledge workers.

Business process automation requires
standardization - why?

Digital automation is a strategic imperative. And you can’t do it until you
standardize your office work— at every single layer.

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For Businesses That Demand...

Deeper automation, higher operating leverage, productivity growth, greater sales effectiveness, and increased compliance...

The Lab Analyzes

End-to-end business processes, customer journeys, and data to discover standardization, automation, and advanced analytics (Al & more) use cases.

The Lab Standardizes

Knowledge work, "nano-scale" activities, end-to-end business processes, organization design, and data.

The Lab Reduces

Not-in-good-order (NlGO) rework, redundant processes, customer over-service, and reliance on core applications held together with "human glue," adversely impacting operating margin.

The Lab Delivers Measurable Results

lmproved-and sustained-revenue production, reduced margin leakage, accelerated digitization, and breakthrough productivity.

The Lab Implements

Standardization-based transformation, digital process redesign, RPA bots, and advanced analytics (Al and Predictive Bl) for businesses of all sizes.

The Lab Brings Experience

Since 1993, we have been the process and data standardization implementation authority. Put our industry-specific transformation experience to use for your business.

The Lab Customizes Client Project Scope

Whether it's large-scale inter-departmental reorganization, "industrialization" of an individual department, or small-scale RPA implementation, The Lab provides the biggest bang for your investment.


For Businesses That Demand...


The Lab Delivers Measurable Results


The Lab Analyzes


The Lab Implements


The Lab Standardizes


The Lab Brings Experience


The Lab Reduces


The Lab Customizes Client Project Scope

Enhance Your Existing Core-Technology Investment,
Improve Your Customer Journeys, Increase Your Margin.

Standardizing business processes, operations data, and customer journeys helps your business grow while reducing cost.

25+ Years of large-scale business analysis, implementation, and transformation experience
Years of large-scale business analysis, implementation, and transformation experience
200+ Client Businesses in the Fortune 1000
Client Businesses in the Fortune 1000
1000+ Transformation Projects Completed
Transformation Projects Completed
50 States Clients with Operations in Every State in the USA
50 States
Clients with Operations in Every State in the USA
10 Provinces Clients with Operations in Every Province in Canada
10 Provinces
Clients with Operations in Every Province in Canada
2-4x Guaranteed Return-on-Investment in Year 1
Guaranteed Return-on-Investment in Year 1
10-30% Increase in Revenue Productivity
Increase in Revenue Productivity
20-50% Improvement in Customer Experience
Improvement in Customer Experience

Clients We Have Served

The Lab’s has standardized processes and data for clients from financial services to manufacturing, and everything in between

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If you want to learn more about the patented Knowledge Work Standardization® methodology that The Lab employs to make robotics so successful, this is the one book to read:

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  • Discover how to uncover the Standardization, Automation & AI use cases that are hiding in plain sight.

Best of all, The Knowledge Work Factory is a fast-paced, page-turning read, packed with fascinating information that you can put to use immediately.

These are the precepts that The Lab uses for its Fortune 500 clientele—and that you, too, can apply on your own. Written by one of The Lab’s founders, it puts 25-plus years of experience in your hands, all in one simple guide.

  • Mandatory reading for my team.
  • A unique contribution to the field of white-collar productivity.
  • There’s real money buried in your white-collar workforce and this book tells you where and how to mine it.

Standardizing business processes, operations data, and customers journeys helps your business grow - resiliently.

With templates to speed-up transformation efforts and reduce “reinventing the wheel”, and a team of excited standardization pros to help you, standardizing your business processes and data for IT implementation, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, analytics (+ more!), has never been easier.