Intelligent Automation (RPA, AI)

Rapidly adopt the latest automation technologies to maximize scale. The Lab’s process-first approach and proprietary library of 500+ proven automations deliver superior operating—and scalability—benefits. 

How The Lab Helps

Design and Implement Your Automation Roadmap

An icon representing Structured Discovery™

Structured Discovery™

Use case discovery is the greatest obstacle facing automation efforts today. The Lab’s catalogs of existing automations lift the fog of discovery to reveal the most valuable candidates.

An icon representing Development Capability

Development Capability

The Lab’s US-based development team has launched over 1,000 automations. Our focus on business-process and data standardization enables deeper, more reliable automation. 

An icon representing Software & Infrastructure Setup

Software & Infrastructure Setup

Choose your own automation software or let The Lab help you select. The Lab’s standard, best-practice infrastructure models make sure your automation program is set up for success.

An icon representing Post-Deployment Support

Post-Deployment Support

The Lab offers optional post-deployment support services on an hourly, pay-as-you go basis. Want your team to build and support automations? We’ll help you get there. 

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Use The Lab's Automation Catalogs

Rapidly accelerate—and monetize—your company’s intelligent automation program with support from The Lab’s knowledge base, including over 500 proven, automation use cases.

  • Catalogs of industry-specific use cases to accelerate discovery
  • Maturity models to help design and assess automation programs
  • Development frameworks to increase automation reliability
  • Roadmaps to help sequence your AI and automation journey
  • Process and data standards to enable deeper automation

Process-First Automation Approach

To Automate More, Put Process Before Technology

Don’t automate a broken process. Every automation we deploy includes a detailed design stage. Using The Lab’s three decades of process improvement experience, we work with client subject-matter experts to standardize each business process before automation: keystrokes, workflow rules, business logic, exception handling, and more. Our process-first approach enables deeper, more reliable automation.

Your Trusted, Technology-Agnostic Advisor

Cost-Effective, Best-Practice Automation Software Installation

Not sure which automation software to purchase, how to configure your network for it, or even where to start?

The Lab is technology agnostic—we do not resell or earn commission on software—so we can ensure that you don’t over-buy licensing. Let us install your automation architecture the right way, the first time—the best-practice way.

World-Class Development Capability

Take Advantage of The Lab's Automation Development Expertise

The Lab not only develops and implements reliable automations to replace manual drudgery for businesses of all sizes—but we also create breakthrough, “humanly impossible,” end-to-end automations that unlock previously unimagined business value. How do we do it?

The Lab combines three decades of industry-specific process and data standardization experience with technical automation expertise to deliver more benefits, faster. 

  • No work is off-shored—The Lab’s team is entirely US-based
  • The Lab maintains standard, proprietary development frameworks that improve reliability
  • Our iterative design and development methodology ensures business buy-in (and benefits)
  • The Lab’s analysts are involved from start to finish for pre-automation standardization
  • Any code we develop is owned by you—no added licensing or fees
  • Automation scoping and development is charged on a fixed-fee basis

"No Frills" Automation Support from The Lab

Sustain & Enhance Existing Automations with Client-Friendly Support

An icon representing Rapid Repair (Break/Fix)

Rapid Repair (Break/Fix)

Most bots require one hour of maintenance per month. To keep yours in peak condition, The Lab provides same-day fix turnaround times. No term commitment or monthly retainer required. Pay only for what you need.

An icon representing Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Major system changes coming? The Lab can assess the impact to your automations and provide guidance on updates needed to keep your bots online. Our team can also perform regular, pre-emptive, performance audits.

An icon representing Core Technology Changes (ERP, Bank Core, etc.)

Core Technology Changes (ERP, Bank Core, etc.)

Occasionally, change core systems or other enterprise technologies require bots to be re-trained. If you’re changing cores, The Lab will quickly estimate the impact, provide a quote, and begin work when authorized. Simple.

An icon representing Training Support

Training Support

The Lab provides training and development sessions with your RPA team to improve their skills and capabilities. Your developers can contact our automation experts for help developing and supporting their own bots.

Best Practices to Drive Your Automation Programs Forward

Proven, Enterprise-Grade Program & Project Management

Set up your centralized center-of-excellence (CoE) capability to sustain your program… or outsource to The Lab… or anything in between. We can help you reach your long-term intelligent automation goals.

Standards to launch, expand, govern, and manage your program:

  • Automation project-management standards, tools
  • Process improvement, business analyst guidelines
  • Change Approval/Advisory Board (CAB) consulting
  • Program governance to evaluate effectiveness
  • “Maturity models” to manage capability development

Intellectual property to embed best practices:

  • Standardized requirements documentation and templates
  • Recommended training courses for development resources
  • Catalogs to discover and prioritize automation, AI use cases
  • Technical development frameworks for reliable, scalable code
  • Automation performance and benefits monitoring dashboards
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions from Intelligent Automation (RPA, AI) Project Sponsors

Accelerate Your Automation Programs

Achieve Your Automation & AI Objectives—and Benefits

  • You may be a CEO seeking to increase the overall value of your bank with robotic process automation (RPA) and AI.
  • You may be on the front line leading an automation team, pinpointing processes to be improved and streamlined with RPA and AI.
  • Your automation team’s effort may be new and searching for entry points for RPA and AI in each area within your organization.
  • Your innovation team may be highly capable with RPA and AI and seeks to scale its existing program.

Regardless of your objectives, The Lab can turbocharge your automation capabilities. Engage us to maximize the value of your tech stack and automate what was previously “un-automate-able.” 

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