Process-First: A Different Approach

The Lab’s approach

Knowledge Work Standardization

The Lab is a leading provider of process and data standardization for white-collar work, or “knowledge work.”

Our Knowledge Work Standardization® methodology accelerates strategic benefits for clients with process improvement, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and more.

Since 1993, The Lab has helped businesses world-wide reclaim capacity, preserve margin, and increase sales.

Designed to be Different

About The Lab: Three Decades of Business Standardization Experience

The Lab's Own Transformation

Our Evolving Offering Provides Accessible Solutions to Clients

Timeline showing that The Lab has remained agile and embraced change throughout 3 decades in business


Since 1993, The Lab Has Delivered Predictable Benefits

An icon representing Capacity: +15% to 35%

Capacity: +15% to 35%

Improved productivity through process improvement, automation, better use of data analytics. 

An icon representing Service: +20% to 50%

Service: +20% to 50%

Increased service quality through reduced errors, SLA standards, self-service, and more. 

An icon representing Margin: +5% to 15%

Margin: +5% to 15%

Increased margin capture through pricing standards and real-time, automated price monitoring. 

An icon representing Sales: +10% to 15%

Sales: +10% to 15%

Increased sales productivity through automated prospect identification, segmentation, and outreach.

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