The Lab: Designed to be Different

The Lab's approach is designed to address problems that cause most business improvement initiatives to fail before achieving measurable results.

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A Different Idea

The Lab was formed in 1993 by alumni of the world’s largest, best-known consulting firms. Most consulting projects start with a clean sheet of paper. The Lab’s founders had a different idea: Create an approach using research into what has worked at real companies. Then, capture this research in a database that can be applied immediately to other companies to speed results and reduce risk.

The Lab was built from the ground-up to deliver a repeatable approach that guarantees project success.

"Hidden" Opportunity

Beginning in the 1990s, business process “re-engineering” caused most companies to focus heavily on core technology to transform their businesses. Consequently, Knowledge Work Standardization® (more than 75% of total improvements) remains untapped leaving gaps for new technology like business intelligence software and robotic process automation. The Lab has built the world's largest database of process and data standardization templates to capitalize on the similarities of these opportunities.

The Lab's standardization templates address overlooked, highly-similar, business process standardization opportunities - they hide in plain sight.

A Unique Experience

The Lab’s template-based methodology drastically reduces the time required to identify and implement Knowledge Work Standardization® opportunities. Our collaborative, non-disruptive style respects our clients’ time and day-to-day business priorities. We transfer our templates and tools to client teams throughout the project.

Clients engage The Lab to standardize business operations and accelerate benefits.

Low Risk, High Reward

The Lab has catalogued operations at more than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. Our approach is designed to minimize client risk. The Lab's guarantee: Financial benefits realized during the first year following implementation will, at minimum, equal the investment in The Lab's services. If not, we'll continue working without charge until it does or refund the difference.

The Lab's projects pay for themselves within 6-8 months and deliver 2-4x payback in the first year.

For over two decades, The Lab has successfully implemented initiatives with Fortune 500 clients that deliver the following improvement benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do projects take? How is project cost determined?

Phase I, Analysis & Design, lasts 6-8 weeks. Phase II, Implementation, runs for 4-7 months. The Lab eliminates risk and uncertainty by quoting a fixed-price for each phase which is based on the employees and location(s) in scope.

Why would internal teams involve The Lab?

To identify more improvements and accelerate benefits. The Lab helps internal teams meet the demand for rapid results. The Lab does not replace internal teams, in fact they provide roughly two-thirds of new client introductions

How can The Lab complement my digital and IT initiatives?

The Lab's findings and deliverables provide a blueprint for digitization. Before manufacturers automate factory labor, they document and standardize activities - they "industrialize." The Lab "industrializes" knowledge work.

What methodologies does The Lab use?

Any and all that work. The Lab's improvement templates incorporate proven methodologies: Lean Six Sigma, Voice of the Customer, Benchmarking, Leading Practices, Business Process Mapping, and others.