Four Connected Capabilities Deliver Big Benefits

The Lab’s patented Knowledge Work Standardization® platform—built over 3+ decades of improvement implementation—delivers sustainable capabilities and strategic benefits for clients of any size or industry.


Business Standardization

Standardize your business to unlock the true potential. The Lab’s patented Knowledge Work Standardization® approach reduces waste, increases productivity, and enables the latest digital technologies—RPA, AI/ML, and advanced analytics.

  • Standardize business processes to reduce waste
  • Enable deeper automation with standard data and business rules
  • Install standard KPIs and reports to manage strategic objectives
  • Document the tribal knowledge of your most valuable asset: your employees
  • Design a standardization roadmap that delivers benefits
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Intelligent Automation (RPA, AI)

Rapidly adopt the latest automation technologies to maximize scale. The Lab’s process-first approach and proprietary library of 500+ proven automations deliver superior operating—and scalability—benefits. 

  • Structured Discovery™ and automation use case catalogs (industry-specific)
  • US-based automation development (UiPath, MS Power Automate, others)
  • Best-practice automation licensing and infrastructure installation
  • Pre-automation process and data standardization
  • Automation program design, launch, knowledge transfer
  • Optional post-implementation support
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Process Mapping & Improvement

Document your business in unprecedented detail. Work activities, job positions, customer touchpoints, related data and technology—The Lab’s templates accelerate current-state mapping and let you compare your performance to industry best practices, including high-value standardization and automation improvements.

  • Activity-level, current-state process maps
  • Industry best-practice comparison, gap testing
  • Future-state process design
  • Improvement inventories—automation, AI, standardization, and more
  • Strategic transformation roadmap design
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Data Strategy & Analytics

Manage your strategic objectives in real time. Combine your existing data with The Lab’s prefabricated data tables, dashboards, automations, AI models, and industry “Super KPIs” and turn your technology investments into business value. 

  • Industry-standard data architecture
  • Standard KPI definitions, formulas
  • Performance benchmarks
  • AI models—cross-sell recommendations, and more
  • Prefabricated executive and manager dashboards
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