Solve an urgent business problem

Address burning, strategic business issues with precision and speed. From adding scale for acquisitions to responding to rapid supplier-cost increases, The Lab implements targeted work plans—including process improvement, automation, and/or data analytics—to solve your most important issues.

Problems The Lab Solves

Tackle Your Most Pressing Problems with Confidence

Productivity: Problems Solved by The Lab

Productivity: How The Lab Helps Clients (Selected Examples)

An icon representing Credit Union  

Credit Union  

With a pending acquisition in 90 days and support unavailable from their core system provider for 6 months, the C-Suite needed to rapidly automate onboarding for acquired members. 

An icon representing Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker

Anticipating significant increases in volume from upcoming acquisitions, this industry leader sought to standardize, reduce, and automate sales and service activities without adding staff.

An icon representing Institutional Pharmacy

Institutional Pharmacy

Onboarding new patient prescriptions was a tedious, manual process that often occurred after business hours, leading to numerous delays and added costs for patients, until The Lab automated it.

An icon representing Food Distributor

Food Distributor

Industry margins were already razor thin when this leading distributor got help from The Lab to fix the order-to-cash process with the goal of eliminating costly stock-outs and errors.

Margin Management: Problems Solved by The Lab

Margin Management: How The Lab Helps Clients (Selected Examples)

An icon representing Community Bank

Community Bank

Commercial relationship managers operated with a high level of autonomy, particularly on loan pricing. “For the good of the relationship,” they said. The CFO needed to take back control. 

An icon representing Wholesale Distributor

Wholesale Distributor

Rapid supplier-cost increases, excessive price overrides, and overly complex pricing standards were silently and steadily eroding margins. The C-suite needed an immediate solution.

An icon representing Cosmetics Manufacturer

Cosmetics Manufacturer

This branded producer of cosmetics gradually lost control of margins due to multiple factors, especially bundling many of its products, e.g., into gift packs, gift with purchase.

An icon representing Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

The CFO was concerned about the growing shortfall between the steadily increasing cost of returned goods and the company’s charges to clients—and sought a solution.

Revenue Effectiveness: Problems Solved by The Lab

Revenue Effectiveness: How The Lab Helps Clients (Selected Examples)

An icon representing Industrial Products Manufacturer

Industrial Products Manufacturer

Despite heavily promoting its products and getting these specified in construction documents this leading supplier faced relentless competition from local, low cost, rapid delivery competitors.

An icon representing Electronics Distributor

Electronics Distributor

Executive management sought to grow its engineered solutions business, after several earlier conventional attempts failed. They decided they needed a customer perspective.

An icon representing Super Regional Bank

Super Regional Bank

The CEO wanted to expand the bank’s dominant market presence in commercial lending  by cross-selling bundled services (e.g., treasury management) to existing clients.

An icon representing Professional Services Firm (AEC)

Professional Services Firm (AEC)

The new CEO needed to reduce Days Sales Outstanding by 25% or more. Salespeople spread across 30 U.S. locations had no standards for client onboarding and billing.

Accelerate Your Agenda

Proven Results for Executive Clients

Whether you want to accelerate an existing initiative, introduce intelligent automation to an organization, or acquire management “superpowers,” The Lab’s process-first approach helps you transform more easily and effectively—with greater certainty.

  • Organization capacity savings…..20% to 35%
  • Revenue productivity gains……….10% to 30%
  • Margin leakage reduction……………5% to 15%
  • Service level improvement……….20% to 50%

Design a Plan, Solve Your Problem

Partner with The Lab to Rapidly Address Your Needs

Scale up, scale down, anticipate, and respond quicker by implementing end-to-end business process and department-level improvement and automation plans.

  • Rapidly respond to an urgent, strategic business need or market shift
  • Jump-start a stalled internal initiative with outside expertise, capacity
  • Add productive capacity for change or sudden increased work volume
  • Accelerate department-level business-process improvement objectives
  • Improve performance of a vital process, install E2E automation and AI

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