Technology & Business Unit Leads

Accelerate adoption and benefits of the latest tech—RPA, AI/ML, advanced analytics. The Lab’s process-first approach and database of proven use cases help tech leaders innovate—and keep the lights on. 

Tech & Innovation Leads: How The Lab Helps

Get More Business Value from Technology Initiatives—and Faster

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Use Case Discovery

The latest tech struggles to find useful business applications. The Lab’s library of industry automation and data use cases helps rapidly identify and implement proven solutions. 

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Development Expertise

Tech’s missing ingredient: standardization. The Lab blends development expertise with process and data standardization to implement more valuable solutions.

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Measurable Results

How do you justify continued technology investments? The Lab helps measure and present benefits to demonstrate results in terms that business leaders and boards will understand.

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Program Enablement

You need in-house automation and data capabilities. The Lab designs your program roadmap. Then, we transfer knowledge and provide support to help get you there over time.

Real Clients, Real Problems Solved

Automation is one of our key initiatives. I needed to build our intelligent automation capability to gain momentum and get results for the board. The Lab was an incredible partner in doing so and they still support us.

EVP of Information Technology Regional Bank

We've invested in automation technology but were going to slow. Our original decentralized approach wasn't delivering and we were having trouble finding valuable use cases. The Lab stood up our COE and got bots done fast!

Chief Information Officer Top 25 Insurance Broker

We spent years building a data warehouse, but weren't seeing the promised business value or insights. The Lab helped us define standard KPIs and build executive-level reports that gave us the foundation we needed to become data-driven.

Chief Technology Officer Mid-Size Wholesale Distributor

Organization-Friendly Engagement Design

At The Lab, we’ve spent three decades refining every aspect of our standardization, automation and transformation engagement model.

Understand the costs and benefits before you begin. It’s all part of our unique “prefabricated” approach to transformation that capitalizes on the fact that most businesses are similar—no need to reinvent the wheel.

For technology executives seeking performance gains in:

  • Streamlined, best-in-class business processes
  • Fewer not-in-good-order errors, bad-quality data
  • Less redundancy, costly rework
  • Automated performance reporting
  • Breakthrough productivity & sales growth
  • Less reliance on core applications

The Lab delivers tangible transformation assets:

  • Standardized business processes
  • Automation use cases
  • Performance dashboards and Super KPIs™
  • External competitive benchmarks
  • Organization redesign 

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