Start with a 3-Pack (RPA, AI, Analytics)

Take the “lite” approach to automation or analytics implementation. Go faster by selecting proven automation use cases and analytics dashboards from The Lab’s shopping lists. Ideal for clients who want to start small and expand over time.

The Faster Way to Automate: Pick from The Lab's Catalogs

Cut Through Discovery by Picking from a Shopping List

Pick your own benefit-generating 3-pack or 6-pack of proven use cases from The Lab’s libraries. Start in a single department with a burning need or implement across multiple business areas to generate excitement.

The Lab’s intellectual property accelerates ROI and focuses effort on high-value automation and analytics use cases.

The Lab's "Turn-Key" Approach: Start with a 3-Pack

Rapidly Discover, Deploy, and Support Automation & Analytics

Real Clients, Real Innovation Delivered

We needed to show the business something to get them on board – to get them excited! The Lab's IP got us there quickly.

Chief Technology Officer 300-employee Credit Union

The Lab helped us demonstrate automation ROI and not recreate what had already been created. They had it down to a science.

Chief Strategy Officer AEC Company

Our strategic plan had us looking to get started with intelligent automation... The Lab helped us rapidly get going.

Innovation Director Insurance Company

Measure Benefits, Build Excitement & Buy-In

Socialize Automation & Analytics Benefits with Board-Friendly Presentations

Executive and board engagement is imperative for sustained automation implementation after initial excitement wears off and “business as usual” sets in. The Lab helps promote your automation program success with customized, executive-friendly automation benefits presentations, including annualized labor-cost savings, ROI, and even videos of your own automations!


Project Output: Start with a 3-Pack

"Turn-Key" Best Practice Automation & Analytics Packages

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