Data Strategy & Analytics

Manage your strategic objectives in real time. Combine your existing data with The Lab’s prefabricated data tables, dashboards, automations, AI models, and industry “Super KPIs” and turn your technology investments into business value. 

The Super KPI Advantage

Turn Your Data Into a Competitive Advantage

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Clean, reconciled data in a central repository are combined with straightforward KPI definitions to provide an automated “single source of truth” for strategic management. 

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Simple, executive-friendly performance reports and scorecards are automatically updated and distributed across the organization—even on mobile devices. Get answers when you need them.

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Take Action

Wondering how to improve a KPI? Each KPI is linked to The Lab’s library of recommended improvement actions (automation, standardization, more). Need help? The Lab implements.

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Keep your data and management capabilities up to date with on-demand support from The Lab. Update or add data sources, manage internal requests, and keep external benchmarks relevant.

Executive-Level Visibility

A Single Source of Truth to Measure & Manage Your Strategy

You have plenty of reports. But you need answers to manage your strategy—and you needed them yesterday. The Lab’s standard data models, KPIs, and executive reports bring real-time visibility to your business.

How The Lab Helps

Build Sustainable Data Capabilities

Take Action

Improve KPI Performance – Reach Your Goals

You’ve defined your Super KPIs. Each is being monitored in real-time. What’s next? It’s time to improve performance—but where do you start?

Each Super KPI is linked to The Lab’s knowledge base of process improvements, automation use cases, and other best practices compiled over 30+ years of implementation engagements. Proven, prefabricated KPI action plans—automated and at your fingertips.

What is this

Super KPI Improvement Plan: Recommended Actions

Tools We Use

Apply the Latest Tech to Extract More Value from Your Data

The Lab Makes It Easy

Organization-Friendly Engagement Design

At The Lab, we’ve spent three decades refining every aspect of our transformation engagement model.

Understand the costs and benefits before you begin. It’s all part of our unique “prefabricated” approach to transformation that capitalizes on the fact that most businesses are similar—no need to reinvent the wheel.

We make it easy to do business with us:

  • Minimal use of client time: One to two hours each week
  • Measurable benefits: Typical 12-month ROI is 3x to 5x
  • Pre-built tools: Process maps, data models, bots, and more
  • U.S.-based delivery: Nothing is ever outsourced or offshored

The Lab leads the industry in reducing risk for clients:

  • Fixed-price proposals
  • Clearly defined scope
  • Early-out checkpoints and options
  • Money-back guarantees

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