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What Banks are Doing to Control Costs and Improve Operational Efficiency (in 6 Months)

The commercial lending organization of this bank was big. They had 1,000 employees. They competed in ten states. But they were under pressure to find ways to increase operational efficiency.

Enter The Lab Consulting. We were brought in by the bank’s Chief Lending Officer. He tasked us to increase productivity in all of the bank’s lending services outside its consumer division.

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Four Infamous Falsehoods About Operational Excellence in Financial Services

In this article, we’ll examine four persistent misperceptions—we call them “infamous falsehoods”—about operational excellence in financial services. They often contribute to bank-wide problems in the first place, such as needless downtime, duplicative work, and unnecessary over-service. Knowing about them can help you avoid them—or uncover them, if they’re already lurking within your bank.

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Improvements from Start-to-Finish

Since opening its doors in 1993, The Lab has helped some of the best companies in the world become even better.