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Wonky ERP implementations, inconsistent data quality, outdated KPIs, and lax process standards all create profit sucking inefficiencies across supply chain, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution operations. The Lab is the undisputed authority and trusted implementation partner of business process standardization, data-driven process improvement, and workflow automation for supply chain operations executives around the world.

Our standardization solutions can quickly reduce process cycle times, time-to-market, and time-consuming employee rework while increasing profitability. To learn more, take advantage of our thought-leading manufacturing and wholesale distribution articles, case studies, and videos below. Then contact us to book your no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo to learn even more!

The new COO was a recent external hire tasked with transforming this wholesale reseller of IT products into a national competitor. The sales team focused on large, global customers, but the executive leadership team (ELT) believed that the needs of smaller, national customers in North America provided a segment that the globally-focused sales team overlooked and struggled to serve profitably. This national strategy looked great on paper, but it depended on the ability to achieve more profitable execution than current levels. Consequently, the COO launched an internal analysis of the company’s past profitability and performance.

When competitors began to chip away at this branded-foods producer’s dominant market position by rapidly modifying products tailored more precisely to the emerging needs of consumers and distribution channels, senior management decided to improve its own Product Lifecycle Management capabilities. They quickly deployed PLM technology to replace the existing informal process that operated on a loosely structured mix of digital and hard-copy documents. However, performance nosedived soon after the new technology was launched. Find out how The Lab standardized and automated processes around the new PLM, yielding annual cost improvement of 12%, modification cycle time reduction of 40%, and formula-related production errors reduction of 90%...within 6 months...

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for monitoring, managing, and profitably growing your wholesale distribution company. Depending on what you want to accomplish, some KPIs can be transformational. With the right data and supporting automation, these “Super KPIs” give you the power to predict, preempt, and prescribe like never before. Get your free Wholesale Distribution KPI Handbook today...

Wholesale distribution is the world of razor-thin margins. Yet nowhere is this “razor rustier” than in the labor- and error-intensive world of invoice processing. You’ve got scores of vendor portals to navigate. Countless one-off iterations of invoice forms, formats, and file names. Each needs to be downloaded (by a person), read (by a person), and input into your core AP system…by a person. Until now.

Your consumer products wholesale distribution operation has literally hundreds of opportunities for robotic process automation or RPA. Inventory management, procurement, order fulfillment….you name it. You need to get automated, fast. Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy, and affordable solution just waiting for you: consumer products Wholesale Distribution RPA Six-Packs from The Lab!

You need to see where humans interface with systems. Where customers interface with your staff. Where data exchanges reside. Where customer orders go wrong. Where information gets mis-calculated or mis-applied. Where not-in-good-order conditions exist. At The Lab, we take a grassroots/frontline approach (vs. a traditional top-down methodology). We document employees’ daily, minute-by-minute, and even keystroke-by-keystroke (if we have zeroed in on an automation use-case) work activities for all end-to-end processes.

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is grabbing headlines across all segments of wholesale distribution—including industrial products. But here’s what isn’t: The standardization required to employ it. We invite you to book a free, no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo with The Lab. You’ll see all of this in action. And get all your questions answered.

Executives at the global energy provider were upbeat when they authorized a new, state-of-the-art corporate campus in the U.S. Over the course of construction, volatile oil prices periodically gave them mild cases of buyer’s remorse. More importantly, the unstable energy markets prompted them to review every aspect of Corporate Services.

This global top-ten medical-device subsidiary maintains 20 facilities for operations and manufacturing. It sells & services products in over 100 countries. Product return operations included 450 employees in three global locations. The principal objective was to develop a broad, inarguable consensus on the existing returns-processing operations including returns routing decisions. The Lab implemented 175 standardization improvements to improve efficiency and increase service levels.

The company is a U.S.-based family-owned maker of branded, baked goods, distributed across the North American market through both traditional CPG channels and, more recently, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel of growing importance. Find out how The Lab improved on-time customer delivery by 98%, doubled the perfect order rate, reduced cycle time by 30%, and reduced operating cost by 15% - all within 6 months....

The company provides commercial building and security products as well as maintenance and monitoring services worldwide. More than 4,000 employees serve business and institutional customers in North America alone. The project scope included all non-manufacturing organizations in the supply chain: marketing, sales, distribution, customer service, and branch operations. Within 5 months, The Lab reduced order-to-delivery cycle time by 50%, improved operating cost by 20% and had realized 4x ROI by month 12.

If you’re a supplier, distributor, manufacturer, or retailer of any sort, here’s a familiar daily headache: Reconciliations. Here is a real life example of how The Lab installed automation for an auto parts manufacturer.

How to unlock the power of robotics,  harness advanced analytics + AI, and turbocharge productivity you’ve been tasked with bringing your B2B wholesale distribution operations (WDO) into the future—or...