Credit Unions

All you need to know about standardization, automation, and digitization for credit unions!

A credit union is not a bank. It has its own unique challenges and opportunities. The Lab knows: We count many of the country’s leading credit unions, of all sizes, among our valued clientele.

As North America’s undisputed authority for transformation-enabling standardization, robotic process automation, and advanced analytics, we help credit unions to boost member experience, while containing costs, uncovering newfound efficiencies, and maximizing workforce capacity—an essential element during challenging staffing times.

We welcome you to avail yourself to our thought-leading credit union materials below, including articles, case studies, and videos.

Discover the three underlying assumptions that stand in the way of Knowledge Work Standardization® for your organization—and how The Lab is able to overcome each one—in this informative article, complete with fascinating five-minute video.

ACH Stop Payments is just one of the "top 40" AI and Automation use cases for Banks and Credit Unions. Discover how to accelerate strategic automation - in the use-case of ACH Stop Payments, part of a complete "suite" of back office bots - in this quick-read new article (complete with demo video) from The Lab, North America's banking-automation, process improvement, and standardization authority.

The Lab can quickly create powerful executive-level dashboards for banking and credit union execs. This article features one for automotive indirect lending; includes demo video.

RPA automation from The Lab can be used to offload the laborious process of finding and filing case-folder documentation for AML alerts. Detailed article includes demo video.

The Lab was able to automate the laborious manual process of exception processing in credit unions—i.e., checking for updated financial statements and tax forms for consumer and commercial loans—in this informative article and included video.

Pricing commercial loans used to be complicated and time-consuming. This unique bot does all the research and all the work; it even auto-fills pricing info into loan officers’ CRM customer profiles, with nothing for them to learn, or do.

Alleviate the daily burden on your credit union’s Deposit Operations staff, with this bot which processes extended holds or denials of checks flagged by your anti-fraud platform. Article includes two-minute video of the actual bot in action.

This is perhaps the most popular credit-union automation offered by The Lab... when it comes to the perspective of those credit unions’ IT leaders. Imagine full onboarding of all systems... with a single click. Works for offboarding too.

Deposit ops, treasury management, wires, risk... the opportunities to apply industrial efficiency to knowledge work in your credit union have been proven—and patented—by The Lab. Learn how to increase productivity and add automation in this article.

For every fintech front-end which your credit union relies on to produce a flow of new-account applications, there’s a ton of denial letters you must create—a seeming waste of paid staffers’ time. See how bots can do it, in this article/video.