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All you need to know about standardization, automation, and digitization for credit unions!

A credit union is not a bank. It has its own unique challenges and opportunities. The Lab knows: We count many of the country’s leading credit unions, of all sizes, among our valued clientele.

As North America’s undisputed authority for transformation-enabling standardization, robotic process automation, and advanced analytics, we help credit unions to boost member experience, while containing costs, uncovering newfound efficiencies, and maximizing workforce capacity—an essential element during challenging staffing times.

We welcome you to avail yourself to our thought-leading credit union materials below, including articles, case studies, and videos.

The Lab was able to automate the laborious manual process of exception processing in credit unions—i.e., checking for updated financial statements and tax forms for consumer and commercial loans—in this informative article and included video.

Pricing commercial loans used to be complicated and time-consuming. This unique bot does all the research and all the work; it even auto-fills pricing info into loan officers’ CRM customer profiles, with nothing for them to learn, or do.

Discover the three underlying assumptions that stand in the way of Knowledge Work Standardization® for your organization—and how The Lab is able to overcome each one—in this informative article, complete with fascinating five-minute video.

Alleviate the daily burden on your credit union’s Deposit Operations staff, with this bot which processes extended holds or denials of checks flagged by your anti-fraud platform. Article includes two-minute video of the actual bot in action.

Compelling case study documents a credit union’s CEO-sponsored journey with The Lab which included loan growth rate of 12 percent, an annual OpEx reduction of more than 20 percent, and a 12-month ROI of 10x. This project broke even in just 4 months.

Discover how your credit union can automate—and thus eliminate—this difficult, repetitive, and error-prone chore, forever, with the help of robotic process automation or RPA bots from The Lab. This article includes a quick video of the bot in action.

This detailed guide—complete with seven embedded short videos—is essential reading and viewing for any credit union leader who’s focused on driving digital transformation to boost growth while containing costs in a tight talent market.

Learn how The Lab was able to quickly automate the laborious and error-prone activity of processing commercial loan application and closing data in this detailed article and accompanying demo video.  

The Lab can save the average bank 360 hours of error-prone labor, every year, with this high-value automation for processing the high volume of paperwork required for residential loans. Quick-read article includes video of the actual bot in action.

Credit unions are faced with the same three "big rock" challenges: rationalize your retail branch network, contain lending costs while increasing margin and cross sales, standardize and automate back-office operations. Learn how to surmount all three of these challenges in the must-read Credit Union Process Improvement Playbook for C-Suite Executives from The Lab. We’re North America’s credit union automation, process improvement, and standardization authority.

Discover how your credit union’s peers have been leveraging the power of robotic process automation or RPA in this detailed guide which starts with a broad overview and definitions, and then drills down to details you can leverage ASAP.

Your “factories” already exist. They’re simply under-standardized. We’d like to take you on a brief “tour” of the typical credit union “factories.” See if you recognize yours!  1....

The Knowledge Work Factory® Strategy A strategy to “industrialize” critical loan fulfillment activities—all using your existing technology. Close more loans Preserve margin Enhance member experience (MX) Increase...

Harness the market disrupting power of credit union sales bots. They do all the drudge work. Quickly. Flawlessly. Happily. Increase sales uptime. Improve member experience. Turbocharge revenue growth. Depositor and loan databases....