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From solving branch-staffing issues, to parking bots atop back-office chores like reconciliations and compliance tasks, to creating fully automated “lending sales factories,” The Lab knows banking like no one else in North America. We’re the undisputed authority for transformation-enabling standardization, robotic process automation, and advanced analytics.

We invite you to learn how to strategically reduce costs, boost customer experience, increase operating leverage (to maintain performance amid staffing ups and downs), and automate activities you might have considered un-automate-able… all done remotely by our U.S. experts in Houston. In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of the thought-leading articles, case studies, and videos below.

Learn how The Lab was able to quickly automate the laborious and error-prone activity of processing commercial loan application and closing data in this detailed article and accompanying demo video.

The Lab can save the average bank 360 hours of error-prone labor, every year, with this high-value automation for processing the high volume of paperwork required for residential loans. Quick-read article includes video of the actual bot in action.

Today, banks are faced with constant market shocks, generational turnover with a transient workforce as replacements, ever-increasing core system capability constraints and cost, customers demanding 100-percent automated and digital experiences, and interest-rates hikes crashing loan sales. Learn how to surmount all of these challenges, while cutting costs, in the must-read Banking Process Improvement Playbook for C-Suite Executives from The Lab.

Executive sponsors: Learn how you can automate this capacity-sapping “swivel-chair recon,” while saving over 1,000 hours of avoidable labor (which your staffers hate), year after year. Article includes informative video.

Get the most value from your fintech’s front-end by automating the processing of new account applications... and just as quickly denying the “D.O.A’s.” Easily recoup 1,000+ hours/year. Includes “bot-in-action” video.

Discover the three underlying assumptions that stand in the way of Knowledge Work Standardization® for your organization—and how The Lab is able to overcome each one—in this informative article, complete with fascinating five-minute video.

Learn how to improve your bank’s efficiency ratio by 3 to 5 points, in just 12 months, by targeting your retail branch network, lending costs/margin, and standardizing/adding automation. Hands-on info designed for forward-looking banking execs.

RPA automation from The Lab can be used to offload the laborious process of finding and filing case-folder documentation for AML alerts. Detailed article includes demo video.

Discover how The Lab was able to automate the laborious manual process of exception processing—i.e., checking for updated financial statements and tax forms for consumer and commercial loans—in this informative article and included video.

This cutting-edge automation from The Lab ensures that every commercial loan yields the maximum margin, while making the process effortless for your bank’s relationship managers, tailoring its work to their lives. A truly revolutionary bot.

Learn how to automate the overwhelming workload of processing check-deposit holds and denials, since your bank’s fraud-flagging platform creates 4,000+ hours of detailed manual labor every year, which can now be automated entirely by The Lab.

Recoup valuable worker capacity by automating all of the manual labor your staffers currently devote to scouring and processing required insurance and flood-compliance information for every real-estate loan, every day. Includes demo video.

One of our most popular publications for banking executives, this clear yet comprehensive catalog of your bank’s essential Key Performance Indicators or KPIs is the essential reference for leaders looking to make a strategic transformation.

As North America’s banking-automation authority, The Lab knows which loan-ops processes benefit the most from automation. Learn about these six essential bots—and how The Lab can implement them for your bank in just weeks.