Ready to boost banking customer acquisition, core deposits, and new loan originations? Start with robotic process automation bots!

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You can harness the market-disrupting power of banking sales bots from The Lab. It’s true:

  • They do all the drudge work! Quickly! Flawlessly! Happily! 
  • Loan officers, producer managers, and market development teams love them!
  • Increase sales uptime!
  • Improve customer experience!
  • Turbocharge revenue growth!
  • All work completed remotely from Houston, Texas—with proof of concept delivered in just three weeks!

Depositor and loan databases. Call-center input. Subscription data from the FDIC and S&P. With all of this info at your disposal, you’d think your banking sales force is armed to sell, up-sell, and cross-sell.

Think again. They don’t have the time to leverage this data. No time to scrape the internet for background on prospects. No time to scrub lists, prioritize prospects, or send tailored emails.

This isn’t a job for your bank staff.

It’s a job for robots – robotic process automation.

You may have heard how robotic process automation, or RPA, is accelerating back-office operations in banking.

But when it comes to Amazon-style customer experience and revenue generation, RPA creates a veritable “Lending Sales Factory.” Paired with The Lab’s patented Knowledge Work Standardization®, it can turbocharge sales like you’ve never seen before.

We know. We’ve done it for other banks. We can do it for you.

A banking RPA bot can “sit at a computer” and do “human” chores—only at lightning speed, without getting tired, bored, or making mistakes.

That renders them uniquely qualified for banking sales support and lead generation. They can fetch data so you can market and qualify leads. They can apply predictive behavior tools to help you answer vital questions:

  • Which customers are profitable?
  • Which ones are at risk?
  • Which ones are ripe for cross-selling?
  • Which banking products and services should they be offered?

Bots can even deliver precision-guided marketing messages, Google ads, and bot-enabled impressions, 24 hours a day.

It’s easy for a banking robot to dive through tons of data—everything from your own call-center logs to reams of data on prospects from the FDIC, U.S. Census Bureau, S&P—you decide. Let bots find those needles in the haystack for you.

And it’s just as easy for them to report to their superiors. Use this information disruptively:

  • Stop existing deposit account customers from leaving.
  • Lure dissatisfied commercial loan customers away from competing banks.
  • Offer banking products at peak opportunities.

At The Lab, we’ve spent 25-plus years helping companies from the Fortune 500 on down to standardize processes and optimize data. So we’re experts at bringing bots on board to help.

Best of all, we can have your first banking sales bot up and running in as little as four weeks.

If you can imagine it, The Lab can create a bot to execute it for you:

  • “Find all the high-value customers who called the contact center more than two times this week and said ‘problem’ at least once; we may be at risk of losing them.”
  • “Show us all the prospects in this zip code who own cars more than six years old, sorted by household income. Then serve them targeted Facebook ads and email them for us.”
  • “Identify the previously-hidden ‘long tail’ of under-penetrated customers. Let’s cross-sell them these three banking products.”

This is why banking revenue generation focused executives love RPA robots. Once they see one in action, they can’t wait to show their peers. The Lab’s groundswell approach will spread like wildfire through your ranks.

You’ll see increased sales—not to mention improved morale—in short order.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch a real banking robot in action, with The Lab’s no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo.

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