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The CFO: Industrial Engineer of Knowledge Work

CFO: Industrial Engineer of Knowledge Work

“Our business is unique, so our knowledge work can’t be standardized.”

This belief is almost universally accepted—but almost universally untrue. I call it the “anti-standardization bias.” It reinforces the status quo and hides the business improvement opportunity of our time: the standardization of knowledge work.

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How to Improve Productivity in Banks In Six Months or Less

How to Improve productivity in Bank

This is a case study, taken from the files of The Lab Consulting. This is not about academic concepts. It’s certainly not about technology-based solutions (we represent the very opposite of that here at The Lab). Rather, this is about the real-world experience of a major North American bank, the shortfalls they wanted to shore up, and the many ways (more than 500!) in which The Lab came to their rescue.

We tell this story not to brag. We share it with you so that you can learn from another’s experience.

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Cost Cutting Opportunities in Intangible Assets

Cost Cutting Opportunities in Intangible Assets

Today, the intangible assets of knowledge workers’ work methods represent the majority of business value.

Sadly, there is a ton of waste when it comes to addressing (or more accurately, overlooking) how knowledge workers perform their job activities.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the often-overlooked intangible assets of the business, and how to unlock their hidden value while cutting costs.

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