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We feel your non-standardized pain.

If you’ve been tasked with bringing your utility’s knowledge-work operations into the future—or even the present—with things like advanced analytics, business intelligence, and robotic process automation—you’ve realized that you’ll hit a big fat wall unless you standardize first. Standardize what?

Everything. Processes. Activities. Workflows. Data. Customer experience. That’s because competitive best practice—not to mention all of today’s newest technology—depends on it, requires it, before you can get past Square One.

It’s a bigger opportunity than you may realize .

Most utility operations knowledge workers believe their work is already standardized. But it’s not—not nearly enough.

Almost 90 percent of utility work activities are based on “standards” that are anything but. Things like rules of thumb, workarounds, and tribal knowledge.

Without rigorous “reference-grade” operations and measurement, individual utility knowledge-worker productivity can vary by 100 percent to 700 percent—for the exact same activities.

Think of what that’s doing to things like network reliability, maintenance modeling to prevent outages, and customer experience.

Deep digitization requires knowledge work standardization. That’s what The Lab does.

For more than 25 years, The Lab has helped leaders from the Fortune 500 on down to standardize their knowledge-work operations, wringing out new efficiencies, turbocharging productivity, uncovering newfound capacity, and exploiting opportunities for advanced analytics and robotic process automation (RPA).

We’ve even standardized the process of standardization. We boast the world’s largest repository of benchmarks, best practices, management dashboards, and ready-to-roll RPA templates. So we can, and do, make it happen fast.

Self-funding results. Guaranteed.

Part of The Lab’s success stems from our unique business model: We guarantee the ROI of our approach.

Our projects pay for themselves in six months.

Simple as that.

We’ve standardized thousands of utility job activities.

We document every activity. We find every variance.

If it’s wasteful, it goes away. If it’s simple and repetitive, it gets earmarked for automation.

Consider the automation opportunities alone

You know that robotic process automation, or RPA, can turbocharge operations. You may have been told you need a costly center of excellence, millions of dollars, and a year or two—just to get your feet wet. Wrong. With The Lab’s standardization services on your side, you can have your first bots up and running in just four weeks. With any platform you choose, because we’re tech-agnostic.


Let us ID the use cases

Fully 40 percent of utilities RPA use-cases require no additional standardization effort; the keystrokes simply need to be uncovered, documented, and configured. The other 60 percent of use-cases require standardization before you can even identify them. Let us help.


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