Process Mapping & Improvement

Document your business in unprecedented detail. Work activities, job positions, customer touchpoints, data and technology—The Lab’s templates accelerate current-state mapping and compare you to industry best practices, including proven standardization and automation improvements.

The Lab's Approach

Overcome the Shortfalls of Traditional Process Improvement

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More Improvements

Rapidly understand end-to-end processes at the activity level, pinpointing avoidable rework, automation and AI use cases, control points, and more.

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Bigger Benefits

Quantify capacity requirements for each business process or organizational area to develop a detailed benefits case that supports and guides improvement implementation. 

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Less Time

Accelerate with The Lab’s templates. Over six weeks, we use just one hour per week of your staff’s time to refine and validate our process analysis.

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Better Outcomes

Compare your current operations against The Lab’s industry-best-practice process models to identify competitive gaps and design a better future state. 

Current-State Business Process Mapping (End-to-End)

Document Your Processes—and Improvement Opportunities—in Six Weeks

The Lab’s current-state process maps—built in just six weeks—document end-to-end business processes in activity-level detail (i.e., two to five minutes in duration). Valuable operations and improvement detail is layered on top of each map: customer touchpoints, system use, job roles, wasted effort, automation use cases, standardization opportunities, and more.

Your Process Improvement "Shopping List"

Identify and Catalog Hundreds of Process Improvements for Implementation

Future-State Process Design

Build Industry-Best-Practice Processes

The Lab’s proprietary best-practice process models—a “best of the best” composite of thousands of implementation engagements—enable comparison of your current operations to the industry “gold standard.” Each includes recommended standardization, automation (RPA, AI), and analytics improvements. Capitalize on the “experience curve” and focus your organization on the future state.

Client-Friendly Approach

Don't Close the Business to Map It

The Lab’s standardized approach, IP assets, and process-focused team greatly reduce the time required from clients to document and analyze their business. Over six weeks, allow about one hour per week for each client subject-matter expert—that’s it!

Process Map Fair

Front-Line Employee Buy-In, Validation

After working with your team to develop the maps, The Lab conducts a “Map Fair” to generate broad organizational buy-in. This is an opportunity for frontline employees who were not involved in the initial mapping activities to contribute their thinking to current-state and ideal future-state diagrams—in person, by video conference, or even anonymously.

What is this

Process Map Fairs: Build an Inarguable Fact-Base to Start Improvement

The Lab Makes it Easy

Transformation Starts with Process

The core of any business transformation effort revolves around the process. Whether it’s an internal-operations process or a customer-journey process, business process mapping is the starting point for every benefit on your strategic roadmap.

For executives seeking performance gains in:

  • Operational efficiency, excellence
  • Data quality
  • Straight-through processing
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Automated reporting
  • Technology utilization

The Lab delivers tangible assets:

  • End-to-end business process maps
  • Automation, AI use cases
  • Standardization improvements
  • Super KPI™ definitions
  • Competitive benchmarks
  • Future-state process design

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