Your strategic goals—such as grid resilience, sustainability, and digitization—all start with standardization from The Lab

Every utility today faces a raft of strategic challenges. Whether yours include improving grid reliability and resilience, advancing your clean-energy agenda, driving toward a smarter grid, increased sustainability, or digital transformation, all of these strategic drivers have one underlying requirement in common: Standardization. That’s because you can have the loftiest objectives, but you can’t achieve any of them if your daily operations are snarled, if reliability is suffering, or if customer service is marred by excessive rework and job cancellations.

The most respected gas and electric utilities in the country have worked with The Lab; we’ve helped them with end-to-end, utility-wide standardization discovery-and-implementation efforts that have resulted in both quick and long-term wins for employees, customers, and the company.

Read how a CEO, COO, CIO, and other utilities leaders were able to generate momentum and build consensus around process discovery, CX operations issues, and automation proof-of-concept in this quick read, based on recent engagements with The Lab.

Discover the three underlying assumptions that stand in the way of Knowledge Work Standardization® for your organization—and how The Lab is able to overcome each one—in this informative article, complete with fascinating five-minute video.

From tool calibration rates to vegetation management to contact center response times, get all the KPIs your utility needs to measure and improve, in this single clearly-organized handbook. Contains over 300 KPIs and flags the “Super KPIs,” too.

Read what happened when this top utility CEO—The Lab’s sponsor for this engagement—wanted to do more than cut costs, but actually reduce errors and excessive work-order cancellations. This is the quick-read version of the full case study.

Your utility’s operations are already standardized... but not nearly enough to reap the rewards of deep digitization and automation. Read how The Lab dives down to the “nano” level of standardizing data, systems, processes, and activities.

This deep-dive customer success story from The Lab’s case files details how we helped a top U.S. utility drive down expenses in both electric and gas operations, while improving customer service and regulatory compliance, all at once.

Learn how the combination of Knowledge Work Standardization®, robotic process automation, and business intelligence can help your utility enjoy benefits ranging from operating-cost reduction to improved effectiveness and safety enterprise-wide.

Even the most progressive, cutting-edge utilities can always find room for improvement. That’s exactly what happened when one of the most respected gas-and-electric utilities in the country worked with The Lab; we helped them with an end-to-end, utility-wide standardization discovery-and-implementation effort that resulted in both quick and long-term wins for employees, customers, and the company. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of six categories of meaningful, sustainable benefits that were realized. As you review these, weigh them against your utility’s current way of doing things; might you be able to reap similar benefits?

Learn from the best practices (and missteps) of others in this compelling article based on The Lab’s extensive experience “playing cleanup” on automation initiatives that failed to deliver promised benefits... without our help.

Advanced analytic visualizations cut costs and outages while improving service The biggest problem facing any utility, when it comes to vegetation management, is visibility. To say that this is a “growing” problem is an understatement....

If you’ve been tasked with bringing your utility’s knowledge-work operations into the future—or even the present—with things like advanced analytics, business intelligence, and robotic process automation—you’ve realized that you’ll hit a big fat wall unless you standardize first. Standardize what? Everything. Processes. Activities. Workflows. Data. Customer experience. That’s because competitive best practice—not to mention all of today’s newest technology—depends on it, requires it, before you can get past Square One.