Real-world realized automation benefits for insurance execs

  • Works with whatever agency-management system and processes you use!
  • Indisputably valuable: Save 1,000s of hours of tedious labor every year!
  • U.S.-based development. Direct, clear communication. Pays for itself ASAP!

If you’re just starting—or tried before, or are trying to catch up to your peer insurance brokerages who have been doing this for years—you need your brokerage-bot initiative to score huge.

Most don’t. Brokerages might try automating a few processes. But there’s negligible financial or operational impact. And the bots break. It can make robotic process automation (RPA) look like a mediocre, unreliable technology—an investment that returns the “blahs.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. RPA is a strategic-imperative for your brokerage. But success depends on effective use-case discovery.

If RPA has disappointed you before, it’s because the discovery, and not the bots, was unreliable. The tiniest process variation will derail them.

RPA technology typically doesn’t fail, but brokerages fail to discover and implement the right use cases routinely. This is what undermines thousands of automation initiatives.

For three decades, The Lab’s structured discovery process has performed wall-to-wall, end-to-end documentation and improvement of insurance brokerage processes. And we’ve created bots that collectively have saved brokerages millions of hours of manual labor to date… and growing.

So, we’ve done the discovery work for you. Thus, we’re happy to present the three top bots which provide inarguable massive productivity gains.


Don’t worry. We know them: Notifying policyholders of pending renewals and lapses. Processing online applications for specialty coverage. And reconciling direct bill commission statements from different carriers.

Taken together, these sap your valued staff of thousands of hours of unfulfilling labor every year. That doesn’t just impact policyholder experience. It also increases the risk of staff turnover.

But now, there’s a better way. From The Lab, North America’s undisputed insurance-automation authority.

This isn’t your fault. Your brokerage, frankly, is at the mercy of its agency-management-system provider, whose applications don’t talk to each other (or other systems you use), and thus require “human glue” to cobble together.

Every brokerage does it differently. Whether you’re using Applied Epic, AMS360, QCCatalyst, ELynx, AgencySmart, Jenesis, or BriteCore (need we go on?), not to mention basics like Excel and Outlook, you must connect systems and screens—to fit your workflow and needs.

But now, you can automate “the final mile,” with The Lab’s must-have Insurance Brokerage Bot Three-Pack.

Notifying policyholders that policies are due for renewal is a lot of vital—and manual—work for your brokerage. You need to do it, to keep recurring revenue billing, and customers covered.

Are your brokers routinely and consistently notifying all the policyholders at 60 days, 30 days, two weeks, and one week before their policies expire? If not, you’ll be looking at lost revenue—and coverage lapses.

Polly the Policy-Renewal Reminder Bot loves this work. She can easily create, customize, and send hundreds, even thousands of these types of letters, every single day.

Whether it’s earthquake, flood, inland marine, wind-deductible buyback, or any of a host of others, processing online applications for specialty lines of coverage requires a massive amount of manual work from your Special Markets team.

Offload it—all of it—to Spiro, the Specialty Coverage Application Bot. He logs into your online form-submission and management platform, as well as your agency management system or AMS, and fills in all proper fields from “Name of insured” to details like “Roof Type” and “Distance to Hydrant.”

He also downloads all uploaded property photos, attaches them, creates the quote PDF… everything your people are currently wrestling with. It takes a person 25 minutes to process a single application. Spiro does it in two.

Reconciling commission statements, from different carriers, against your AMS, is a demanding and time-consuming activity for your insurance brokerage.

Colleen, the Commission Statement Reconciliation Bot, lives for this challenge. She downloads the commission-statement PDFs from your different carriers, memorizes them all, and then reconciles every single “Commission Received” against the “Commission Due,” and also sends out an Exception Report, to you, of any that don’t match.

Colleen even makes partial-pay adjustments, manually calculating and booking the commission when needed.

Oh, and she works at 12x human speed.

The Lab uses the country’s best bot-development leads and teams, working from our U.S. offices in Houston, with nothing outsourced or offshored, ever.

That’s how we’re able to install bots like Polly, Spiro, and Colleen, remotely, in just weeks.

Your AMS provider can’t do this—even though they claim they can. They offshore and take months just to create a single bot to solve a problem that they created. And other bot vendors may know automation, but they don’t know the brokerage biz.

The Lab knows both. We’ve been helping insurers and brokerages, nationwide, for three decades. Our approach to Knowledge Work Standardization® is so transformational, it’s patented.

There’s a lot more than three brokerage bots available from The Lab. In fact, there are scores of them. Our team of automation professionals will help roadmap your entire RPA program and strategy. Most clients engage us for dozens of bots over time. Let us implement at the pace that best suits your needs.

The best way to appreciate the power and elegance of brokerage bots is to see them in action for yourself.

And the best time to get started is right now; your peers have already been doing this for years. Don’t wait another minute to launch or accelerate your RPA initiative.

Book your free, no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo with The Lab. You’ll see real insurance automation in action, blazing past at up to 45x human speed, error-free. And get all your questions answered by our friendly experts.

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