“This book has become a staple in my business operations.”
“Mandatory reading for my team.”

The secrets of knowledge-work
standardization... unlocked.

Everyone knows that factories cracked the code to work standardization 100 years ago.
But why is knowledge work lagging behind? Despite massive advancements in
computing power, it’s stalled in the infamous Productivity Paradox.

In The Knowledge Work Factory, you’ll learn how to apply industrial best practice to knowledge work. And it’s easier than you think:

  • You’ll see how factory-like bills of materials or BOMs can turbocharge
    white-collar operations.
  • You’ll learn what your general ledger and a grocery store have in common.
  • You’ll find the use cases for robotics process automation (RPA) that are hiding
    in plain sight.

Best of all, The Knowledge Work Factory is a fast-paced, page-turning read, which makes it easy to learn The Lab’s patented Knowledge Work Standardization® methodology and put it to use immediately. Written by one of The Lab’s founders, it puts 25-plus years of experience in your hands, all in a single one-stop guide.

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