If your RPA robots could speak...
...what would they say?

What are your
robots saying?

How can we help
your robots?

Your robots are complaining

You know that robotic process automation, or RPA, can deliver efficiencies and labor savings up to 80 percent.

But what you may not know is that your robots are refusing to work.

Your RPA robots need food

Fact is, your robots won't work unless they're fed properly.

You can't simply hand them longstanding human activities to automate.

All of the underlying processes, work activities, keystrokes, and data must be made "robot-friendly" first, or RPA won't deliver.

That's why 50 percent of all initial RPA projects fail.

Your robots rebel against rework

Thirty percent of existing knowledge- worker activities are rife with waste: re-work, error correction, and redundancy. Your RPA robots get downright furious when they're asked to automate that.

It undercuts their self-esteem. Their value. And your investment.

There is, quite simply, a lot of work to be done before you can flip that RPA switch to "On."

The Lab can help

At The Lab, we don't just optimize white collar work operations. We reclaim capacity. We eliminate the "virtuous waste" that robs a third of knowledge workers' days, every day.

Our proprietary fact base—including business processes, RPA templates, BI management dashboards, KPIs, and benchmarks—is the largest inventory of its kind on earth.

We've helped the world's leading enterprises to "industrialize" their knowledge work for 25-plus years—implementing standardization, simplification, and division of labor on their behalf. That's why we're at the vanguard of the RPA revolution.

1. We analyze what you're planning to feed your robots

Every ingredient (activity), every morsel (keystroke) is scrutinized. We know what they can—and can't—digest.

2. We find the best-fit sub-processes for RPA

We'll build you an exhaustive list of RPA use case candidates based on our templates—with a business case for each.

3. We document the keystrokes to feed your RPA bots

Which RPA platform do you use? Doesn't matter to us. We'll feed your bots and keep them happy.

4. You reap the rewards

We'll help you track the benefits— and show you quantified performance gains and savings. We'll configure the output to our Finance Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards—for the BI platform of your choice.

Robotic Process Automation for your business, from start to finish.

Contact us now to speed up your RPA analysis, use case development, and implementation.