RPA Bot Implementation Packages

Turnkey RPA Bot
Implementation Packages

3+ RPA Bots Implemented – FAST.

  • RPA use-case identification, scoping, and business case quantification
  • Low, medium, and high complexity RPA bot implementation
  • Automate manual, routine business activities

Strategic RPA Bot Suite

10+ Bots Implemented to Solve Strategic Operational Issues.

  • End-to-end departmental RPA Bot installation
    • - Automate... new customer onboarding
    • - Automate... routine processing tasks
    • - Automate... agile, scalable growth
  • End-to-end process mapping to find, document, and quantify
    all RPA use cases in existence

Client RPA COE Objectives: The Lab Supports Two Different Approaches

Remote RPA

Managed Services (Outsourced) to The Lab

Your US-based off-site RPA Center-of-Excellence.

  • RPA software installation, maintenance, and system architecture support
  • Existing bot upgrades and enhancements
    • Even for bots made by your staff or a previous RPA partner!
  • Citizen developer escalation and consulting
  • Post-project RPA support
  • Core system changes and RPA bot break fix

RPA Center-of-Excellence

Enable Your Own Team with Help from The Lab

The Lab implements, supports, and accelerates
client-managed RPA COEs.

  • RPA prioritization, development & maintenance
  • RPA candidate inventory & navigation/prioritization tools
  • Process standardization to enable RPA deployment
  • Program governance to assess and manage RPA program effectiveness
  • “Maturity Model” to track client progress toward targeted
    levels of RPA capability

Implementation & Support Pricing

Competitive Pricing & a US Based Team—no offshore work.

Fixed Fee Bot Development

  • 3 bot minimum
  • Save thousands of hours in
    manual staff labor per bot

Post-Implementation Hourly Support Rate

  • “Pay as you go” and only
    use what you need each

Support Pricing Available

  • Gain access to your own
    dedicated support team

No Bot Project Too Small or Large!

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