Business Process Standardization: Start-to-Finish

The Lab's two-phased project approach is guaranteed to achieve self-funding business improvement within 5-8 months - start-to-finish.


Phase I Analysis & Design 6 - 8 Weeks

Phase II Implementation 4 - 7 Months

At the beginning of the Analysis & Design (Phase I), The Lab and the client project management team jointly design the project. The Lab analyzes operations to identify improvement opportunities and delivers a self-funding business case and implementation work plan.

  • Step 1: Sponsorship


    Obtain commitment from senior executives capable of ensuring a successful project. Broadly define the organizational scope of the initiative.

  • Step 2: Proposal Design

    Proposal Design

    Design a "frugal footprint" for the project scope that delivers the most benefits for the associated fee.

  • Step 3: Operations Analysis

    Operations Analysis

    Collect and analyze data, conduct interviews, map processes, benchmark performance and document improvement opportunities.

  • Step 4: Implementation Plan

    Implementation Plan

    Quantify the benefits of improvement opportunities, deliver a self-funding business case and design the implementation work plan.

Risk Reduction

The terms of the proposal minimize client risk through fixed pricing, "early-out" options and clear project milestones.

Rapid Improvements

Clients and The Lab agree on a set of “quick hit” improvements with financial benefits that exceed Phase I fees.

During Implementation (Phase II), The Lab and the client project management team prioritize process improvements and then pilot, refine and roll them out to the organization. The Lab develops user-friendly management dashboards to monitor performance and detailed job instructions to standardize desk-level tasks.

  • Step 5: Improvement Installation

    Improvement Installation

    Pilot selected process changes and establish a cycle to continuously monitor and refine end-to-end "future state" processes.

  • Step 6: Capacity Reconciliation

    Capacity Reconciliation

    Create and refine capacity models. Reconcile organizational capacity to standardized processes, work products and activities.

  • Step 7: Desk-Level Standardization

    Desk-Level Standardization

    Implement simple desk-level job instructions ("placemats") to standardize work methods and establish performance goals.

  • Step 8: Performance


    Develop and implement concise visual management dashboards to measure performance continuously against goals.

Sustainable Results

Management dashboards, process improvement documentation and desk-level job standardization “lock up” the gains achieved through non-technology improvements.

Our Guarantee

If we fail to deliver savings at least equal to our fees in the first year following implementation, we will continue working for free until we do, or refund the difference.

Typical Project Benefits