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Deep Digitization

Knowledge Work Standardization™

  • Unlock the power of robotics and AI
  • Harness advanced analytics
  • Turbocharge productivity

You can’t monetize
Until you standardize

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Looking to leverage the power of robotics and AI? Eager for advanced
analytics? Seeking to turbocharge productivity?

Let The Lab help.

It all starts with standardization. Most knowledge workers believe their work
is standardized, but it’s not up to “reference-grade” precision. That means that
individual worker productivity often varies by 100 to 700 percent… for the
exact same activities.

At The Lab, We document every activity. We find every variance. If it’s
wasteful, it goes away. If it’s simple and repetitive, it gets earmarked for
automation. It’s all part of our patented Knowledge Work Standardization™


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