Imagine all new hires onboarded, automatically, with a single click!

If you’re a credit union’s information-technology (IT) or information-security (IS) person, there’s one routine chore that we guarantee you dread: The onboarding of new hires in the credit union.

This is tedious, time-consuming, error-prone labor. That’s because each person who’s hired needs immediate access to a slew of systems and applications. It’s not just a matter of “Jane is our new relationship manager; let’s get her set up.”

It’s more a matter of “Jane is our new relationship manager. She needs a new email account—with the proper naming convention of our credit union—and a secure password. She needs all data set up in Exchange, with proper permissions. She needs access to calendars, apps, core systems, chat, databases, you name it.”

And for each one of those systems or apps, there’s a ton of fields for you to fill out. Each one must be complete. Each one must be perfect.

You won’t be surprised to learn that it takes the average credit union’s IT or IS worker anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes per hire for onboarding. Multiply that by the tranches of new employees coming onboard (boosted by others who exit due to attrition), and you’ve got an overwhelming headache on your hands.

If ever there were an ideal use-case for robotic process automation or RPA for credit unions, “IT and IS new-hires onboarding” would top the list. That’s because it’s inescapable.

Now (dare we say “Ta-dah!”?) there’s a turnkey solution to this pervasive problem: RPA Onboarding Bots for IT and IS, from The Lab.


See it to believe it

We’ve made a 2.5-minute video which shows one of these bots in action in a real credit union; check it out here:

Just look at the example video. Think of all that work of setting up banking system access, updating files, meticulously populating form fields, copying-and-pasting the appropriate information between systems and applications…. all automated.

The Lab is able to easily configure these RPA bots to your credit union’s exact IT/IS environment. Better yet, we perform all of this work remotely, from our U.S. offices in Houston. Nothing is ever outsourced, offshored, or farmed out.

This is why banking CIOs nationwide love The Lab. They know that their IT teams are working flat-out just to keep systems up and running; they don’t have the time to take on the new task of RPA. The Lab does. And IT staffers love when we do RPA for them, because it works on top of their already existing core and ancillary systems, applications, and data, with no modifications required. That’s because RPA bots work just like humans, with their own logins and passwords, and are able to easily type, click, copy, paste… anything a person does.

Blazing speed

The bot in the video, remember, is specific to one credit union and its applications, but The Lab can tailor IT-onboarding bots to your credit union’s specific situation—any core, any application, any portal, anything. And once it’s set up—in just a matter of weeks—stand back and watch it go!

In the example video, the bot first does what a human worker would do: It logs into the ticketing portal to check for new hires who need to be onboarded. Then it sets to work. It creates the new user in Active Directory. Ditto for Exchange. It updates Fiserv Sales Referral System. FIS Intercept. MoneyGram. Vision Content. BankTel. SalesForce. All of them! Then it updates the ticket portal, assigning the ticket back to the appropriate person.

It doesn’t matter how many core and ancillary systems, applications, databases, or portals your credit union’s employees need to access; the bots can be configured to address them all.

And once the bot finishes with the first new hire, it jumps right to the next one. And it keeps on going, error-free, until it’s done.

We’d mentioned, above, that it takes a credit union’s human IT/IS worker about 30 to 45 minutes to process the onboarding for a single new hire. And humans, by the way, make mistakes about ten percent of the time.

The bot in the example above did the same chore in just 78 seconds. That’s 23 to 35 times faster! And the bot makes no mistakes. Ever. (It also doesn’t take breaks, get vacations, or even get tired.)

Wouldn’t you love to free up your credit union’s IT team for higher-value activities than simply typing into a zillion fields, under the gun, whenever new employees join the credit union? Get this chore off your plate forever with RPA bots from The Lab. Note that “IT onboarding” is just one of hundreds of use-cases that we already have templates for; this is why our credit union “RPA Six-Packs” are so popular.


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