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Real Life Case Studies and Thought Leadership in Healthcare, Hospitals, and Health Insurance Operations

From hospital and health payer operations standardization, to improving value-based care, to parking bots atop back-office chores like reconciliations and compliance tasks, The Lab helps healthcare executives achieve strategic objectives like no one else in North America. We’re the undisputed authority for transformation-enabling standardization, robotic process automation, and data science.

We invite you to learn how to strategically reduce costs and automate activities you might have considered un-automate-able… all done remotely by our U.S. experts in Houston. In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of the thought-leading articles, case studies, and videos below.

Discover the three underlying assumptions that stand in the way of Knowledge Work Standardization® for your organization—and how The Lab is able to overcome each one—in this informative article, complete with fascinating five-minute video.

Any operations-transformation effort on your radar—including digitization, member experience improvement, and more—must begin with mapping every major process and member-journey in your organization. Sounds daunting, but it’s do-able with The Lab.

End-to-end (E2E) process mapping can be daunting, especially when your hospital network spans a dozen states. Learn how The Lab helped this client to map E2E processes in just weeks, paving the way for automation, in this informative case study.

Learn how one of the biggest health insurers in the country—and a client of The Lab, with the COO as our sponsor—increased capacity by 35 percent, while reducing operating costs by 25 percent, and eliminating entire categories of wasted effort.

Provider services and operations... membership ops, claims, and services... all were within the scope of this engagement for a nation-leading health insurance provider by The Lab. More than 200 improvements were identified; read about them here.

Fully 90 percent of knowledge-work activities—down to the “nano” two-minute level—are currently under-standardized in your pharma/health retail organization. Unlock the power of automation via deep digitization; learn how in this article.

The Lab boasts decades of experience working with leading med-device makers. Discover how we’ve found the most pressing use-cases for automation—and can implement them for you (all from our U.S. offices) in this compelling quick read.