Digitizing Fund Accounting with Robotic Process Automation

  • Digitize with the industry-disrupting power of bots!  

  • They do all the drudge work! Quickly! Flawlessly! Happily!  

  • Add future series and investors to your portfolioswithout adding staff! 

Your fund accounting staff is drowning in low-value work.

Logging into investment portals. Seeing if new reports are even there. Downloading them when they are. Wrangling all these oddly-named PDFs and trying to compile calls, distributions, capital statements, investor notifications, and more.   

It’s a mind-numbing, soul-crushing hamster wheel of tedious, error-prone work that’s sucking the productivity out of your operation, every single day.  

This isn’t a job for highly-paid MBAs and CPAs. 

It’s a job for robots.  

Digitize your way to automated fund accounting

You may have heard how robotic process automation, or RPA, is accelerating back-office operations in all financial services. Sure, it does this. But when it comes to Amazon-style customer experience and revenue generation, RPA disrupts the investment-management landscape altogether.  

Built upon a foundation of The Lab’s patented Knowledge Work Standardization®, and augmented with business intelligence (BI) analytics, bots can empower growth like you’ve never seen before.  

We know. We’ve done it for others. We can do it for you.  

Click here to see real-life use case examples of RPA Bots for Fund Accounting

Let bots do the chores that fund accountants hate.

RPA bots can “sit at a computer” and do “human” chores. Only at lightning speed, without getting tired, bored, or making mistakes.  

That renders them uniquely qualified for detail-driven chores, like pulling reports and reconciling data. Whether you’ve got people logging into 20 portals or 500, The Lab can create the bots you need for quantum advances in productivity.  

Bots can download hundreds, even thousands, of investor notifications each month. They can save tens of thousands of hours of work every year.  

And they let you scale up without spending more. Grow your portfolio, add series and investors, without adding staff. It’s simple.  

Investment portals digitization

It’s easy for robots to search for tons of data—via Citco portals, Intralinks portals, and countless others—logging in with their own user names and passwords, just like people do. But that’s just the beginning.  

  • If a new report isn’t there, the bots never forget to check again. They’re always up to date.  
  • Different assets’ reports have wildly varying filenames—but why should you suffer? Let specific bots re-name them with the filenames you can use—and then file them according to the file structure and taxonomy that’s right for you.  
  • It doesn’t stop there. Let additional bots from The Lab scrape the reports for key data, and feed it into custom analytics visualizations for you. Let other bots process data in Excel and crank out reports, automatically!  

At The Lab, we’ve spent 25-plus years helping companies from the Fortune 500 on down to standardize processes and optimize data. So we’re experts at bringing bots on board to help.  

Best of all, we can have your first bots up and running in as little as six weeks

Fund accountants LOVE robots.

Think about it. Would you want to sit at a computer all day and download reports? For that matter, is that what you hire all those MBAs to do? When you can free them up for higher-value tasks, everyone benefits.  

  • Late reports become a thing of the past.  
  • Missed notification downloads and report reconciliations are history.  
  • Morale and productivity grow exponentially.  

This is why fund-accounting teams love RPA robots. Once they see one in action, they can’t wait to show their peers. The Lab’s groundswell approach will spread like wildfire through your ranks.  

You’ll see increased performance—not to mention improved morale—in short order. 

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Boost fund-accounting productivity and revenue… with robots!

  • Fund-accounting teams love them! 

  • Detail and drudge work… done fast & flawless! 

  • Up-and-running in just 6 weeks!



Don’t just take our word for it. Contact The Lab today. We’ll show you how we can install bots, start to finish, in just weeks… and how we’re able to do it all remotely from our offices in Houston. Simply call (201) 526-1200 or email info@thelabconsulting.com to book your no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo today!


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