Your credit union has literally hundreds of opportunities for robotic process automation or RPA. Deposit ops, loans, treasury management… you name it.  

You need to get automated, fast. But if you haven’t tried, it can be daunting. And if you have tried, you may have hit a wall.  

Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy, and affordable solution just waiting for you: Credit Union RPA Six-Packs from The Lab!  

The Lab is North America’s union robotic process automation leader

Hands-down, no one beats The Lab for automating banking operations. We’ve installed hundreds of bots at scores of credit unions in North America, saving them tens of thousands of hours of tedious, error-prone labor, year after year.  

Credit Union RPA Six-Packs from The Lab pay for themselves in just six months. And the basic six-pack includes your most time-consuming and despised back-office chores, including:  

  1. ATM Network Reconciliations (watch the video!)
  2. Debit Card/Reg. E Fraud Processing (watch the video!)
  3. Brinks or Loomis Reconciliations  
  4. ACH Stop Payment Processing (watch the video!) 
  5. Loan Application Into Core or Document/Compliance Management 
  6. Currency Transaction Report Processing  

(Plus many more available!)  

Why it’s easy for credit union executives with The Lab

To sell their technology, of course any RPA vendor will claim that your own staffers can build bots. Don’t believe it. And other vendors might know bots, but they don’t know credit unions.   

The Lab knows both. We’ve identified the banking-specific automation use-cases. We’ve quantified the business benefits. We’ve developed standardized templates that reduce risk, speed deployment, and keep costs low. And we boast the best U.S.-based project managers and developers, with nothing outsourced or offshored.   

And did we mention that we install RPA bots remotely? In just weeks? 

Shatter your misperceptions about automation in your credit union!

Maybe you’ve heard  that front-line employees fear or resist robots. Not true. With The Lab’s grassroots approach, your workers will love their bots and the resulting decline in drudge tasks. (But beware: Once staffers get bots, they love to “show them off” to their peers!)   

Ditto for IT. They’re working flat-out just to keep the lights on. They lack the time to take on bot development. And since the bots employ the same “human” interface that core and ancillary systems do, there’s no IT intervention needed. In fact, they’ll want to lose drudge work, too. Show them The Lab’s “New Staff Onboarding Bot for All IT Systems,” and they’ll drool for their own RPA six-pack! Little wonder credit union CIOs love The Lab.  

Yes, Credit Union RPA six-packs are customizable

We’ve filled our introductory six-pack by targeting the lowest-hanging fruit from credit unions’ back-office operations. But you’re free to refill it as you like with different bots. (The Lab boasts over 800 banking use-cases to choose from.) Expand it—order a case of 12!  

Or, pursue your own strategy. For higher competitive impact, concentrate your six-pack  in a single organization like commercial loan ops or treasury-management services. Want the entire enterprise to get a taste of RPA benefits? Spread your bots, Johnny Appleseed-style, to familiarize several different functions or regions. Entirely up to you.  

See real credit union RPA bots in action and book a demo today!

Don’t just take our word for it. For every bot we’ve described above, we can demo one in action, which The Lab built for a real credit union. Once you see it screaming past—at up to 45x human speed, error-free—you’ll want one, too. 

So book your free, no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo with The Lab. You’ll see all this, and more, and get all your questions answered, too. Simply call (201) 526-1200 or email to book your demo today! 


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