• Offload grueling “stare-and-compare” chores to RPA bots!  
  • Up to 45x human speed! Error-free! 
  • Installed remotely from our U.S. offices in just weeks! 

RECONS SUCK. So automate the process!

You think we need to tell you how much you and your credit union’s back-office staff despise doing daily, monthly, and quarterly reconciliations? 

We know that you hate, hate, hate them. 

This is mind-blurring, sit-at-the-computer, stare-and-compare drudgery. ATM recons. Brinks and Loomis recons. ACH and credit-card balancing. The list is endless. 

Thanks to The Lab, there’s a bot for that. In fact, there are are dozens. Hundreds! We’ve built out use-cases and templates for every recon that’s dragging you down. 

And now, we’ve made implementation even easier, with our all-new Credit Union RPA “Six-Packs” especially for recons! 

We’ve already found the lowest-hanging fruit

Credit union RPA Six-Packs from The Lab pay for themselves. And the basic six-pack includes your most time-consuming and despised back-office chores, including:

  1. ATM Network Reconciliation WATCH THE VIDEO!
  2. ACH Clearing Against Core Recon
  3. Brinks or Loomis vs. GL Recon WATCH THE VIDEO!
  4. Credit Card Balancing & Settlement Recon 
  5. Federal Home Loan Bank Due Recon
  6. Loan Ops Escrow Check Balancing Recon 

—plus tons more available.

Want to mix-and-match? Have at it. Want to double up for a 12-pack? No problem. 

The Lab installs all credit union RPA bots remotely, from our U.S. offices in Houston. Nothing is ever outsourced or offshored. We boast the world’s best project managers and bot developers, using credit union process-standardization templates we’ve honed since 1993. 

And did we mention that we can get your first recon bots up-and-running in just weeks? 


RPA works with Any system, any core

You might be running FIS. Or Fiserv. Or Jack Henry. 

You’re working in Excel. Word. Q2. Acrobat. Local and shared servers. You’re logging into others’ systems, whether it’s Brinks, Fedwire, FHLB, or correspondent financial institutions for international wires. 

Offload this mess to bots. They love it. And your staffers will love you for freeing them up for higher-value activities. 

Human workers love robotic assistance

Let’s shatter some misperceptions here: 

  • RPA vendors will tell you this is DIY. It’s not. Little wonder most credit union RPA initiatives hit a wall, fast. 
  • Any automation vendor can handle this. They might know bots, but they don’t know credit unions. The Lab knows both. 
  • IT wants to take over this. No they don’t. They have their hands full just keeping the lights on. In fact, credit union CIOs love bots from The Lab; just ask them about our “New Staff Onboarding Bot for All IT Systems,” for example.
  • People are threatened by bots. Not with The Lab’s grassroots approach. We get frontline workers’ input, and buy-in, from the get-go. They invariably show off their bots to their peers! 

Want those recons gone forever? Book your 30-minute demo today.


The Lab invented the credit union RPA six-pack, based on our more than 800 available credit union use-cases. Grab one for yourself! It’s easy. 

Simply book your free, no-obligation 30-minute screen-sharing demo with The Lab. You’ll see real credit union bots in action, blazing past at up to 45x human speed, error-free. Learn how most bots pay for themselves in just one year. And get all your questions answered by our friendly team. 

Simply call (201) 526-1200 or email to book your demo today!


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