• Automate new loan member acquisition at massive scale—pinpoint cross-sell prospects
  • Prioritized from your existing data plus external demographics
  • Custom-tailored to your credit union’s strategy, members, and geography
  • Fully automated with robotic process automation (RPA) and AI

Yes, this is really possible!

Your credit union’s relationship managers and loan officers all hunger for the same thing: Qualified, prioritized commercial-lending prospects who are likely to buy.

In the old days (as in, “yesterday”), prospecting was tedious work: Scouring and scraping databases and CRMs, searching for needles in haystacks: Where’s the lowest-hanging fruit? Which members are ripe for cross-sales? Which products? How do these prospects shake out by industry, by branch geography?

Now, The Lab has not only perfected this process. We’ve automated it. With RPA bots—enhanced with AI to deliver predictive advanced analytics, and machine learning to capture improvements.

Imagine the upside

Before we tell you how The Lab does this (don’t worry, we will), just think of the drool-worthy benefits:

  • New commercial-loan prospects ranked by industry vertical, product mix, and geography
  • Existing member records—cleaned, reconciled, and scored
  • Cross-sell targets prioritized by profitability, attrition risk, and likelihood to buy
  • Automated outreach to build prospect awareness and generate “warm” inquiries

Yes, this is really possible. It’s not science fiction. It’s a turnkey offering—available in just weeks—from The Lab, North America’s undisputed expert in intelligent automation for credit unions.

How it works

There’s a lot of horsepower—and decades of credit union experience—under the hood of this solution.

It starts with powerful business-intelligence and predictive analytics, running atop The Lab’s patented Nano-Scale Standardizationof data and processes. Automatically, in the background, massive sets of numbers get cleaned, crunched, and sorted.

It works with your existing technology: SalesForce, nCino, Jack Henry Silverlake, Fiserv DNA, FIS MISER… you name it. And then we add even more power by connecting to external data sources such as ArcGIS, the U.S. Census Bureau, D&B/Hoover’s, and ZoomInfo—crunched into custom dashboards, ready to scour.

And then RPA bots from The Lab do the scouring. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Meet Your Credit Union’s Automated Commercial-Lending Prospecting Team

He reconciles existing member and account master tables. Eliminates duplicates. Adds demographic and geospatial meta-tagging.


He matches financial data—such as interest rate, cost of funds, and risk score—to all loans and accounts, and then ranks them for profitability, risk, and “saturation,” or products-per-member.


She draws up lists of existing members, grouping them into opportunities for targets and campaigns, and prepares ready-made lists for each segment.


She scours info from sources like ZoomInfo, and matches “deal segments” based on NAICS code/industry vertical, number of employees, annual revenue, and branch-relevant location.


The direct marketing is automatic, too

The same team of dashboards and bots can—and do—send out customized marketing campaigns to keep your sales funnel full. In fact, credit union members from The Lab have reported getting leads within hours of a single automated commercial-lending campaign launch!

That translates to more term loans, lines of credit, and deposit accounts sold. It adds up to significant revenue that’s currently just out of reach.

Results listed above are real life and typical in Commercial Lending lead generation campaigns with The Lab!

We saved the best bot for last

He’s the one running the last leg of this robotic relay-race. Because he’s the one who creates user-friendly lists, and automatically sends out prioritized reports (including phone numbers and contact history) to the exact credit union team members who need them, matching leads to the responsible loan officer and nearest branch, cc’ing sales managers as he does so.

See it for yourself in action

The best way to appreciate the power of The Lab’s unique RPA- and AI-enabled prospecting “team” is to see it for yourself.

We invite you to book your free, no-obligation 30-minute screen-share demo. You’ll see the dashboards and bots, hard at work. Get all your questions answered by our friendly experts. And see how The Lab delivers all this power remotely, from our U.S. offices in Houston, with nothing outsourced or offshored—in just weeks.

Simply call (201) 526-1200 or email to book your demo today!


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