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Life Insurance Carriers KPI Handbook from The Lab

This catalog contains over 300 KPIs. But which ones are the “Super KPIs” for your company? Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for monitoring, managing, and profitably growing your organization. Yet there are lots of life insurance KPIs. This catalog, compiled by The Lab, contains more than 300. That certainly seems overwhelming. Where do you …

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Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services – an overview, examples, and how to implement RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is changing the way financial services operations are carried out on a daily basis. RPA solution providers are working with banks, investment management firms, and insurance companies to make the process of reducing large scale data transcribing work easier. Not only are robots being installed in back office operations of financial …

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Examples of RPA in Banking Operations—Robotic Process Automation Implementation in Commercial Lending

Robotic process automation or RPA is a powerful tool that can be used as part of the commercial banking toolbox to streamline and automate a number of routine, manual banking processes, or sub-processes. In fact, it can reduce new account opening time by 30 percent and cut error rates to zero. Did you know that …

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