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Auto Parts—Tire Manufacturing: Standardization and Digital Automation Increase Production, Slash Downtime, and Reduce Avoidable Waste

Project Background The company, a top-3 global tire manufacturer, was battling low-cost competitors who were overtaking the low-price end of the North American tire after-market. At the high-price end, effective marketing operations, high-quality product, and strong brand recognition kept these new entrants at bay. Even so, high-end customers pushed for lower pricing. Industry margins were …

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Pharmaceuticals: Process Discovery & Standardization Enable Deep Digitization

Standardization Helped Meet Customer Expectations & Ease Competitive Pressure Changes in the healthcare industry demanded improved capabilities from pharmaceuticals companies. Customers wanted flexible ordering options, shorter cycle times, new packaging, increased service support—and lower prices. The company’s new ERP upgrades promised to enable this new flexibility, increase productivity, and deliver sustainable cost reduction. But it …

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Paper and Packaging: Standardization & Robotic Process Automation Deliver Higher Plant Productivity and Better Customer Retention

Situation This packaging manufacturing company’s most popular products—paperboard and corrugated boxes—were historically the low-price leaders and their customers included many of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. But now some of these customers—across a complex network of wholesalers, manufacturers, and converters—were complaining about the “total costs” of doing business with the company. They pointed out …

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The Top 5 Robotic Process Automation Implementation Critical Roadblocks to Avoid

1. Information security (IS) blocks, delays the start of RPA development Excessive IS “over-caution” delays RPA development and launch—often by months. The IS reasoning is rarely disclosed, but The Lab suspects it may result from a lack of understanding by the IS organization of how RPA works at a detailed level. RPA bots simply automate …

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