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RPA for Health Payer and Plans

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Health Payer Claims: How Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics Will Accelerate Your Value-Based Care Initiatives

See how Business Intelligence dashboards can help you crush costs, avoid delays, and improve the patient experience Given the volume of claims that need to be processed, and the timeframes required, it’s little wonder that health payers struggle to keep up—and even keep apprised. How many claims are open at a given time? How many …

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Accelerating Value-Based Care for Health Payer Operations with Standardization and Robotic Process Automation

We feel your non-standardized pain. If you’ve been tasked with bringing your health plan operations into the future— or even the present— with things like advanced analytics, business intelligence, and robotic process automation—you’ve realized that you’ll hit a big fat wall unless you standardize first. Standardize what? Everything. Processes. Activities. Workflows. Data. Population Health Management. …

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