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Robotic Process Automation in Banking

Category: Robotic Process Automation in Banking

The Banking Basis-Point Bot

Maybe you use basic Excel spreadsheets. Or an expensive, third-party platform. Maybe you’ve even tried to use the “intelligent pricing” feature in your existing loan origination system (LOS)… good luck with that! Be honest: Do current pricing methods convince you that commercial loans capture every possible basis point of margin? How about the overall portfolio …

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Automatic Processing of Fraud-Detected Deposits for Banks

Save 4,400 hours of intense manual labor, with RPA banking bots It happens every day—in fact, at the bank in this story, it happens 50 times a day. We’re talking about processing customer deposits that need to be either denied or have their holds extended, since they get flagged by your bank’s fraud-detection software. This …

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Automate Adverse-Action Letters to Declined Fintech-Generated Applications for Banks

Regional bank saves 4,600 hours per year with RPA banking bots Fintech platforms sure promise a lot: Plenty of new-account applications, served on a platter, to your bank. The reality isn’t quite so exciting. Sure, the fintech platforms can give you a lot of applications, but they don’t do anything about all of the applications …

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The Top 5 Robotic Process Automation Implementation Critical Roadblocks to Avoid

1. Information security (IS) blocks, delays the start of RPA development Excessive IS “over-caution” delays RPA development and launch—often by months. The IS reasoning is rarely disclosed, but The Lab suspects it may result from a lack of understanding by the IS organization of how RPA works at a detailed level. RPA bots simply automate …

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