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Finance Transformation: How We Redesign World Class Finance Operations

FROM LEAN TO ULTRA-LEAN—WITHOUT NEW TECHNOLOGY No matter what methodology you currently employ to boost productivity—whether it’s “voice-of-the-customer” analysis, Six Sigma, Lean, value-stream mapping, “Staple Yourself to an Order,” and/or balanced scorecard (KPI) implementation—The Lab can take your finance function to all new levels of lean. You’ll slash labor costs. Increase revenue productivity. Turbocharge the …

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How To Implement a Lean Supply Chain Transformation in Just Six Months

Our last case study told the story of lean implementation in a bank’s finance and collections functions. This case study focuses on lean in supply-chain management. It zeroes in on order management. Specifically, it targets the transformation of the order-to-cash cycle in the wake of an ERP investment that wasn’t paying off as it should. …

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Lean for Financial Services: An Enterprise-Wide Consumer Lending Transformation

This financial services case study tells the story of a leading loan originator and servicer of student loans in the U.S. In this instance, their mandate to transform the entire enterprise to lean operations did not come from the board room. It came from Congress.

It needed to make major lean transformation commitments. And it needed to accomplish them in just 12 months. Cue The Lab Consulting

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HR Transformation: How to Improve Human Resources Departments with Lean HR Process Improvement Initiatives

This story zeroes in on one crucial shared-services group that was supporting operations in both North America and Europe. The group in the spotlight here was human resources, or HR operations. The bank was concerned: After consolidating several country-based groups to create this mega-center for HR shared services, the promised economies of scale were simply not materializing.

That’s when the bank’s Global Head of Human Resources reached out to The Lab as our sponsor. He and other senior executives within the bank’s HR operations were looking for some seriously lean improvements, ASAP.

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