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Finance Transformation for Lean Retail: Business Intelligence in Shared Services for CFOs

Our last article served up its share of war stories from the front lines of finance transformation in the world of lean principles in insurance. In this article, we’re sticking with the topic of lean finance transformation, but we’re shifting the venue to the fast-paced, ultra-competitive, razor-thin-margin, zero-room-for-error realm of retail operations. Some people may …

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Hospital Finance Management: Case Studies in Lean Finance Transformation Projects

Hospital Finance Management

It’s a strange paradox: As accounting grows more precise, it becomes less relevant. All of that “precision noise” makes it incredibly challenging to implement a lean hospital finance management and transformation, especially if you’re running a network of hospitals with shared finance-group operations. In this article, we’re going to cull some down-in-the-weeds details, as well …

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