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Digitization in Credit Unions

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Automate Updating of Loan Index Rates for Credit Unions

Many of your credit union’s loan interest rates are tied to those of other indexes: U.S. Treasury’s, Freddie Mac, FHLB, and so on. Those rates change continually. And so your credit union must update its rates—monthly, weekly, and even daily. It’s an incredibly detailed chore that your staffers hate doing. It consumes tons of hours—up …

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Credit Union KPI Handbook from The Lab

This Catalog Contains over 700 KPIs, But which ones are the “Super KPIs” for your credit union? Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for monitoring, managing, and profitably growing your credit union. Yet there are lots of credit union KPIs. This catalog, compiled by The Lab, contains more than 700. That certainly seems overwhelming. Where …

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Credit Union Loan Operations & Servicing Robotic Process Automation “SIX-PACK”

LOANS ARE YOUR CREDIT UNION’S LIFEBLOOD. Don’t let them bleed away. Slogging through input quality-control for commercial and consumer loans. Manually updating loan interest rates in the core. Suffering through the minutiae of HMDA compliance. Your credit union’s loan operations and servicing teams dread this work. And members don’t understand why loan turnaround times are …

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Credit Union Transformation: Crush the Three “Big Rocks” to Cut Cost, Standardize, and Digitize Operations

Given the latest trends—and the seismic shifts—in the credit-union industry, there’s never been a better time for leaders to take a good hard look at the three “big rocks” of transformation, digitization, and cost-cutting: Transformation Big Rock 1: Transform the Credit Union retail branch network. How can you use data to drive decisions? How can …

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