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How to Automate Reconciliations in the Credit Union Industry with Robotic Process Automation

Most workers in the business world believe that reconciliations are a routine task that only accountants deal with as part of their jobs. However, in the credit union industry, whether a mega-credit union with $750B in assets, a super-regional with $25B to $250B, or even a local community credit union with assets from $750M to …

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Credit Union Executive 2023 Operations Improvement Playbook

A complete three-part guide for addressing the “perfect storm” of adverse market conditions confronting credit unions now—and preparing for a forever-changed, volatile future The credit union industry is reeling amid an onslaught of challenges that include: Constant market shocks Generational turnover with a transient workforce as replacements Ever-increasing core system capability constraints and cost Members …

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How to automate mobile-deposit account setup for your credit union with RPA

Credit Union execs: Now you can allocate human talent to higher-value activities  For every member of your credit union that wants the convenience of depositing checks via their mobile device, there’s a surprising amount of back-office work that’s required from your credit union’s staff.   This is a common issue among credit unions. It’s because …

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Automate Flood Compliance and Reporting for Your Credit Union’s Real Estate Loans

RPA credit union bots can eliminate 1,500 hours of manual labor, every year Updating flood information for real-estate loans is a flood of work for any credit union. Every day, it involves a ton of manual, sit-at-the-computer labor. It requires that your credit union’s Business Analysts pull lots of data from lots of disparate sources, …

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