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Automate Updating of Loan Index Rates for Credit Unions

Many of your credit union’s loan interest rates are tied to those of other indexes: U.S. Treasury’s, Freddie Mac, FHLB, and so on. Those rates change continually. And so your credit union must update its rates—monthly, weekly, and even daily. It’s an incredibly detailed chore that your staffers hate doing. It consumes tons of hours—up …

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Credit Union Loan Operations & Servicing Robotic Process Automation “SIX-PACK”

LOANS ARE YOUR CREDIT UNION’S LIFEBLOOD. Don’t let them bleed away. Slogging through input quality-control for commercial and consumer loans. Manually updating loan interest rates in the core. Suffering through the minutiae of HMDA compliance. Your credit union’s loan operations and servicing teams dread this work. And members don’t understand why loan turnaround times are …

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Credit Union Deep Digitization Requires Knowledge Work Standardization

THE PAIN OF UNDER-STANDARDIZATION You’ve been tasked with bringing your credit union into the future—or even the present—and you have the latest and greatest systems and digital technologies at your fingertips… Systems, Software: • Cores: Fiserv, JHA, FIS • LOS: nCino, Encompass • CRMs: Salesforce, 360 View • Others: Fraud, Wires, OAO Digital Technologies: • …

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Your Credit Union might need a transformation if…the Great Resignation is stress-testing your resilience.

Your credit union’s employees are its greatest assets. Yet the Great Resignation is testing operations resilience like never before. You need to leverage every person-hour of capacity. You need to weed out every wasted keystroke. You need to automate every task that can be automated. And you need to make each worker’s job higher-value and …

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