1. CEO: Rapidly Implement Bank-Wide Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The bank’s board of directors mandated and authorized investment in standardization and automation, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Workflow and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to:

• Streamline end-to-end business processes
• Accelerate loan growth & improve margin
• Reduce loan origination cycle time
• Increase capacity for a future acquisition
• Mitigate frequent employee turnover

Solution: Over the course of 12 months, The Lab standardized work activities and implemented 40 bots in:

• Loan operations
• Deposit operations
• Treasury management
• Risk
• IT
• Finance

2. BANK PRESIDENT: Discover Automation Use Cases to Jump Start RPA Program

The bank had built its own automation team, but the board struggled to see the promised gains in operational efficiency or customer-experience benefits. They needed help generating:

• Valuable automation use cases
– Documented
– Quantified
– Prioritized

• An automation “road map” for the bank’s internal team

Solution: In just eight weeks, The Lab completed an enterprise-wide Discovery Project that:
• Mapped 10+ major, end-to-end business processes
• Evaluated more than 1,600 work activities
• Detailed a “shopping list” of 150+ automation use cases

3. COO: Complete an Urgent Post-Merger Core Conversion

The COO needed to add customers from a new acquisition to the bank’s FIS core platform quickly. But it would be at least 5 months before the bank’s core provider could help with post-merger conversion for:

• Customers
• Deposit accounts
• Mortgage loans
• Credit card accounts
• And more

Solution: The Lab implemented 6 bots in just 8 weeks to automate:

• Core data mapping for precise integration
• Flawless data transfer from Fiserv to FIS

4. CHIEF CREDIT OFFICER: Handle Massive Employee Turnover in Underwriting

The bank had recently acquired 6,000 loans. They needed to onboard these immediately but were short-staffed: a third of their underwriters had left as part of the “Great Resignation.”

Solution: In just 9 weeks, with 5 bots, The Lab automated loan onboarding, including:
• Adding new customers and loans into the core
• Uploading associated documents to imaging systems

5. CIO: Generate Momentum with an Automation Proof-of-Concept

The bank’s executive leadership knew they needed to automate, but weren’t sure where to begin. The CIO needed a low-risk way to:

• Rapidly implement RPA bots
• Build bank-wide momentum
• Jump start internal automation efforts

Solution: The Lab deployed a low-risk RPA Six-pack™ of bots across different departments to generate a groundswell of support:
• ATM Network Reconciliation
• Wire Transfer Processing
• Commercial & Consumer Loan
• HMDA Compliance
• New Hire Onboarding
• Brinks Reconciliation

6. CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER: Assess the Potential to Automate Vital New-Customer Tasks

The bank wasn’t sure if it was possible, but they wanted to automate work activities to set up new customers, e.g.,
• New-customer onboarding verification
• OFAC check
• Deposit account opening

Solution: In just ten days, The Lab performed an Automation Feasibility Assessment™ that:
• Recorded the client performing these tasks (via Zoom)
• Determined if & how the activities could be automated
• Documented future-state use case, ready for implementation

Why The Lab?

The Lab Serves Your Needs: Regional and Community Banks

The Lab has helped banking clients at all stages of automation maturity. Whether you are deploying your first three or four RPA bots for a proof-of-concept, or seeking to discover all of the automation candidates in your bank, The Lab can accelerate your realization of bottom-line benefits.

Institutions Of All Sizes

Banks with 125 employees are much different from those with 3,500 employees. Similarly, banks in the $1 to $3 billion range face challenges different from those of a $15 billion bank. We’ve worked with banks of all sizes and know the likely snags.

· 75 to 150 employees · 500 to 1,500 employees
· 150 to 500 employees · 1,500 to 10,000+ employees

· $1 to $3 billion · $10 to $20 billion
· $3 to $5 billion · $20 to $50 billion

Experience With All Cores

Banking Work Samples

The following sections contain real-life examples of work completed by The Lab for banks just like yours. Browse these examples to discover how deep our analysis can go in your bank.

Discovery Maps

The Lab remotely works from our Houston headquarters to map your entire organization’s business processes, analyze your existing system data, and deliver prioritized shopping lists of these available automations to you.

Marketing & New Customer Acquisition

Retail Branches

Lines of Business

 Back Office

Support Groups

+ Many many many more!

Discovered Use-Cases Are Quantifies and Organized Into Business-Unit Level Shopping Lists For Your Bank, Within 8 Weeks

By engaging The Lab for a discovery initiative, you can expect 150+ automation candidates, 200+ process improvement and standardization opportunities, 75+ analytics and AI use cases to be discovered, quantified, and prioritized for your bank in about eight weeks. We can then implement as many or as few as you need.

Tried and True RPA Implementation: U.S.-Based RPA Automation For Regional And Community Banks

The Lab not only works for you to discover automation opportunities within your bank, but we also have our own full-service RPA development and implementation team. Everything is U.S.-based from our offices in Houston; nothing is outsourced or offshored, ever.

Automate Banking Quality Control Reviews for Commercial Loans

Automate Banking ATM Reconciliations

Automate Banking HMDA & RESPA Compliance with RPA

Automate SOX Reporting for Banking with RPA Bots

Banking – Outbound Wires RPA Video

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