Automation Discovery & Implementation Services

The Lab provides standardized automation services in five major categories from discovery through post-deployment support. The Lab works with clients to identify their objectives and select the services required to meet their needs.

Whether you seek to turbocharge your existing initiative, introduce digital automation to an organization, or acquire management “superpowers”, The Lab’s standardized automation services let you manage automation efforts more easily and effectively – with greater certainty.

Structured Automation Discovery

We discover and “road map” automation use-cases that deliver significant operational, financial, and service-related benefits.

The typical digital automation discovery effort begins with a blank sheet of paper – and it stays that way. That’s because most discovery efforts are informal and “unstructured”. They exclude documentation of existing operations. That might explain why half of all internal RPA efforts have only 12, or fewer, operational bots.

The Lab begins automation discovery efforts with templates from our database that provide “structure”. Findings from analysis of client operations enables preliminary selection from hundreds of use case candidates, business process templates, business case outlines, and quantified benefits targets. Our approach lets us move at “light speed” without sacrificing accuracy or analytical rigor.

Structured discovery activities achieve three objectives:

Working with your subject matter experts (SMEs) remotely, our team will review your current-state operations—along with The Lab’s catalog of previously-implemented bots—to determine the most promising automation use-cases for your selected business units.

The Lab will document, organize, and deliver an inventory of all the newly-discovered automation candidates, with each one meta-tagged to aid in organization-wide development. Working with management teams and sponsors, The Lab will create an “automation roadmap,” prioritized according to their needs.

Identified use-cases are quantified to document their automation-enabled capacity savings in terms of annual work hours. These are then converted into financial (operating expense) and scale-related benefits, e.g., an acquisition that could be absorbed without adding staff. This provides executive-friendly visualization of baseline-vs.-trends KPIs that may be improved via automation.

Automation Software Installation Consulting

Not sure which automation software to purchase, how to configure your network for it, or even where to start? Let The Lab ensure you that you don’t over-buy licensing. And let us install it one time—the best-practice way.

Did you know, that with as few as two virtual servers and two unattended robotic-process-automation (RPA) licenses, you can automate as many as 50 business processes? RPA software companies won’t tell you that. Let The Lab free you from bloated RPA software purchases!

The Lab is technology-agnostic. Let us be your trusted advisors for:

  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Pega
  • + more

The Lab will guide you through on-premise virtual server setup for RPA. We’ll remotely access, install, and configure the RPA software of your choice on your network. Our services include:

  • Network and RPA security access
  • Active Directory accounts for robot deployment
  • License activation
  • Centrally located RPA implementation

Automation Development Services

The Lab not only develops and implements world-class end-to-end automated processes that replace manual drudgery for businesses of all sizes globally—but we also create breakthrough “humanly impossible” automations that unlock previously unimagined benefits!

  • Low-risk proof-of-concepts. Generate organization understanding and buy-in of RPA capabilities.
  • End-to-end departmental “bot suites.” Implement “teams” of bots which yield quantified results.
  • Rapid RPA deployment resolves emerging business issues while aligning with strategic objectives.
  • Fixed-fee, turnkey bot-development packages.

Program & Project Management Office Services

Sustain your automation program on your own… or outsource its management to The Lab… or anything in between.

Rely on The Lab to keep your RPA program on track, and even act as a change-agent or accelerator. We offer:

  • Automation project-management/process-standardization advisory
  • Change Approval Board consulting
  • Program governance to assess and manage overall effectiveness
  • “Maturity Model” tracking to manage your progress toward targeted levels of automation capability

The Lab provides proven intellectual property, tools, and templates—as well as training and hands-on learning sessions with your staff to establish and maintain their functional Automation Center of Excellence. Our tools include:

  • Standardized documentation and templates
  • Tools to catalog, navigate, and prioritize RPA candidates for development
  • Interactive dashboards, developed in a modern BI platform of your choosing to monitor RPA program progress and measure the associated benefits

Support, Maintainence & Enhancements

Whether developed by The Lab or your team, RPA bots generally require one to two hours of monthly maintenance. To ensure that your bots operate at maximum efficiency, The Lab provides post-implementation bot support.

Repair and break/fix services

  • Systems break. So do bots. We fix them—fast
  • Tier I and Tier II operations available
  • Quick SLAs, zero downtime impact
  • Same-day fix turnaround time

Preventative maintenance

  • System upgrades coming? Let us know, so we can assess the impact to your automations
  • Includes regular RPA performance audits, bug fixes, and system updates

Core system reconfiguration recoding

  • Occasionally the systems which the bots use are modified such that the bots need to be re-trained
  • The Lab will estimate the impacts and begin work when authorized

Internal development escalation support

  • Your developers can contact our RPA experts for help with developing and supporting bots they build

RPA training

  • The Lab provides training and development sessions with your RPA team to improve their skills and capabilities


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